Saturday, August 26, 2006

Product Junkie

I have never considered myself a "product junkie" because I was never really a girly girl. I didn't even start to consider wearing makeup until late high school and that was only a little mascara and lip gloss. However, as I've gotten older, I have spread my wings a bit and have discovered some great things out there! So, I thought I would share them with my blogging friends and hopefully you will reap the benefits of what the world of beauty products has to offer!
#1 Neutrogena MoistureShine Tinted Lip Balm in Clean 20
I randomly came across this in the grocery store one day and I bought it because of its compact size. Now, I'm addicted and absolutely love it! The reason I am so enthralled is, as I mentioned before, its small size (great for putting in a pocket when you are out without a purse), but also because it goes on easily, very little greasiness and the color is perfect. Kind of a pouty-pink, but as the name implies, a clean, somewhat glossy look.

#2 Brilliant Brunette Moisturizing Shampoo by John Frieda

Before Amy and Will's wedding, I visited her in Oklahoma when she was living with her mom and dad. Apparently her mother uses Brilliant Brunette and I didn't have any conditioner with me, so I borrowed some of hers. IT IS AWESOME! What I love most about it is it is meant for people with highlights. Somehow, when I wash my hair and it dries my highlights seem brighter and less dull, even after I have had them a while. I started with just the conditioner, but now have purchased the shampoo, as well. Give it a won't be sorry!

#3 L'Oreal Springing Curls

For some reason this picture wouldn't download! No matter, I still love it and highly recommend it to anyone who finds curliness without possibility, as I have for so long! I have always had BOARD STRAIGHT hair...even after I started highlighting it, when most people get volume...mine stayed just as straight! As expected, because I have always dealt with straightness, I have always wanted curls...not extreme, but just a little body! I have found my answer! Actually, Amy helped me with this one, as well (she is the original product junkie and is spreading the obsession...thanks, Aim). What I love about this stuff the most is you don't have to blowdry or diffuse your hair. Apply + Scrunch + Dry or Go = CURLS! Now, if you are looking for spirals, this is not the stuff for you! But, for a bit of body with some cute waves (like you used to get when you braided your hair the night before school pictures and slept with it wet so you would have "cool" hair the next day), this is the best thing I've found so far!

Feel free to post about your favorite products...we'll start a product junkie blogging chain! Fun!


  1. I’ll have to try the curling stuff. When I'm nursing, my hair gets curly. But I have a hard time making it cute curly. Usually, I get a burned out frazzled mommy look about me, and of course, I don't need any help in that department!

    I love Mary Kay's new Microdermabrasion! (I know, a Mary Kay personal talking about Mary Kay, but really, it’s good!) It makes my skin look so nice that I don't have to wear foundation some days. What it does is takes off the top layer of dead yicky skin, buffs, and then I use the super silky moisturizer. It's sooooo nice!

    I'm also really big into OPI nail stuff. Talk about nail polish that lasts forever! And they have the best names ever. My personal favorite: I'm Not Really a Waitress!

  2. Two of my favorites:

    Mary Kay Satin Hands

    C.O. Bigelow Mint Lip Gloss with tint from Bath and Body Works

  3. I don't guess there are any particular products that I just LOVE.
    -Aveda's Hang Straight smooths my hair and takes care of the two curly spots on my head.

    -Dove Nightime Body Wash...I bought that on a whim and I really, really like it. It is so soothing!

  4. I, too, am a product junkie. I'm always trying new things, but the one essential product in my collection is Aussie's root booster. It works just as well as the TIGI product, but it's an eighth of the price. I love it. And I must give credit where credit is due...Amy recommended it to me!

  5. I guess I have nothing to add since you all have jumped on the bandwagon and taken my suggestions, and are now passing them along...Gotta help a sister out, right?

    However, products are totallly unneccessary here in WA because you can leave the house looking however unkempt you want, and you'll fit in! Jury's still out on whether or not that's a good thing...


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