Thursday, October 26, 2006

Halloween Comes Early

Teaching at the high school level compared to middle school has many differences, positive and negative. One thing I have really enjoyed about my new job at Childress High School is spirit days. Every Thursday, to get pumped for Friday's football game (soon to be basketball), the cheerleaders make up a dress up day, usually tied to the team we are playing that week. So, one week it was "Take the Wild out of the Wildcats" and everyone dressed up in their version of "wildness." Most of it was just crazy hair and crazy, mismatched outfits. One week it was "Destripe the Tigers" so everyone wore as many stripes as possible. You get the drift. So, this week they combined the spirit dress-up day with Halloween and we were supposed to dress up for Halloween. About 2 months ago, I found the costume I wanted in a catalog. It was a black widow outfit....very cute and fairly unique. However, the closer I got to having to order, the more I could not make myself spend $40 for the costume and then another $5-$10 for shipping. SO, here I was, yesterday afternoon at Wal-Mart trying to figure out what I would do. First, I found a plastic tiara, and I thought I would wear one of the several bridesmaid's dresses I now own and be a scary prom queen with my face painted, yada yada. THe more I considered wearing a formal dress all day, the more I was against the idea. So, I ended up buying a red flannel shirt, and below is what I came up with. The hat is Richard's, but everything else I already had. So, $9 later, I was costumed up and looking good! I also included some of the other teachers in their costumes.

Donna's sign originally read, "Will work 4 candy." By the end of the day it said, "Will sit 4 money."

More to come...blogger is acting up again!


  1. HA! Did any of those kiddos say "Hey Miss, why didn't you dress up?" Just curious, small country town and all...


  2. I was so hoping I'd see you wearing the bridesmaid dress from my wedding when you mentioned the scary prom-queen idea!
    You do make a cute cowgirl/farmer though!

  3. A-
    You would be surprised how few "cowboy/girls" we have walking around the halls of CHS. I mean, more than JLMS (duh), but not as many as you would think. I was surprised with how trendy some of the kiddos actually are.



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