Friday, October 20, 2006

Pictures, Pictures Everywhere!

Maggie and Marlee are enjoying a romp in the big bed! That is Maggie's favorite toy she has her head on top of. I think they were playing tug-of-war, one of their favorites these days!

Marlee is ALWAYS ready for her breakfast (or any meal for that matter). Here she is sitting, not-so-patiently, on TOP of the tub next to the one that holds her food. I want to say she is genius for knowing the difference between her tub and Maggie's, but I think it all had to do with which was easiest to climb up to. See the cans of wet food she used as a step? Clever.

Second only to eating, is the girls' naps. They always take naps where they are lying right next to each other. Usually this is because Marlee waits until Maggie is asleep and then curls up either next to her or on top of her! They are too sweet for words!

Yesterday evening, I noticed Richard was outside for a while. Usually this means he is swinging his golf club with a look of sheer concentration on his face that is so unfunny, it makes me laugh...however, he returned from outdoors with two beautiful roses from one of our bushes in the backyard. I had to take pictures and share!

Just a few pics of some of the things I've done in and around the house...

This is a flower arrangement I decided to hang on a bare wall where I will eventually have a hutch sitting (cross my fingers).

This is the long, used-to-be-empty wall in our entry hall. I decided to put all of my crosses here. I also changed my mind on the paint color and used the same color as the guest bathroom, which I loved! It is called Country Tan, but if you can tell, it is really not that much of a tan...more a mustard yellow mixed with brown.


  1. I love the sleeping puppy pictures and your cross wall. That is a great paint color - what brand is it?

  2. A-

    Thanks! I'll get back to you on the paint brand. I will have to check and I'm running out the door as we speak! With my new computer, I can actually check my email "real quick" before doing something else...yay!

  3. I just love those schanuzer-wowzers! I want to kiss their little faces! THANKS for the new pics. They made me smile. The house pics are fantastic as well. It is good for me to visualize where you are living since I still see you in my mind's eye on Krenek Tap!

  4. It looks GREAT! And I can't wait to come meet Marlee -- hopefully soon!


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