Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Politics Shmolitics

If you know me, you will know where I stand on this next faux pas from the **BEWARE OF SARCASM** ever endearing John Kerry. **END SARCASM** I normally include pictures with my posts, but I decided against it here. I don't want to see that image everytime I log onto my blog! Click here to read what the latest in this crazy political chaos is. Maybe he didn't mean it...but c'mon, suck it up, swallow your pride and apologize for goodness sakes. Actually, I'm hoping he doesn' just bodes better for his opposing candidates. Read the article in its's worth spending the 5 minutes to do so.


  1. DANG IT! R and I bought a framed picture of John Kerry for you and Rich's new house! I hope I'll be able to return it! GOSH!

  2. Put this link in your browser!
    Chalk one up for the Army!!

  3. Your blog is making me feel so up with current events. I had not heard about this on Grey's Anatomy or What About Brian last week.

  4. Ryan-

    I saw that pic on Good Morning America this morning. I had to wake Rich up so he could see it, too. THanks for sending me the link!

  5. You're a right-winger and you pick Seattle to vacation in?!

  6. anonymous:

    funny, huh? I had to go see what my fellow right-winger sister-in-law was talking about when she described the "hippy, liberal, nuts that live in Washington." The people were very nice as far as I could tell, but definitely not the conservative norm found in Texas!


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