Friday, April 27, 2007

Beauty in the Backyard

And the front.

I noticed yesterday the roses in my front yard had started to bud...I have never seen this bush produce flowers, although the one in the back has produced gorgeous blooms I have cut and displayed on our dining table. Anywho, I digress.

I decided this beautiful day would be the perfect opportunity to take some pictures and show off all of the lovely things I have to look at (and listen to) right in my own backyard...and front.

Here are some pictures of the rose bush in the front. Apparently, this is a smaller breed and the color is almost an Aggie maroon...deep burgundy-it was destiny! When the blooms are full, they spread out almost flat with a bright yellow center. I was kind of in a hurry, so the last picture is blurry.

We also have a peach tree in our front yard and from what I hear it has produced some delicious peaches in the past. Rich and I really held our breath on whether it would be hit by a frost too late, but I think it just might do okay. I can't wait to have deliciously sweet and juicy peaches this summer! As you can see, it's a fairly large tree, so we will have plenty of peaches to share!

Look at all the color! I love, love, love the coral colored roses. These are all from the bush in the backyard. I am actually going to cut a lot of it back because it's getting a little out of control...and it's already been cut back once by Rich.

WE also bought a new cedar bird feeder. That makes a total of two right now. I love listening to the birds in the morning as I wake up. It's cool enough that we sleep with the windows open and they are a great alarm clock that I will welcome any day over the BUZZ of the electronic one with digitally green eyes staring at me!

Well, last but absolutely NEVER least...what would a backyard be without two schnauzer babies! Oh...speaking of the yard and a schnauzer baby, Marlee pulled a Houdini the other day (yes, Corrie tell Gracie she would be very proud) and escaped the backyard. Thank goodness some sweet dog-loving people found her and called us. Richard left work, and picked her up. She was across the street in the hospital parking lot! Here are the precious girls.

Mid-action shot-they were not ready to sit or lay down for more than 3 seconds at a time. They were ready to play!!!

Marlee says, "Come on, Momma, come play with us!"

Maggie has the sit, lay down, and stay things down, but Marlee pretty much just takes her cues from Mags. She's a work in progress, I'm afraid.


  1. Morning, Charla. The roses are beautiful. Oh, the peaches! We can come over when you serve up the first piece of peach cobbler. I hope you will be coming to Amarillo for a Barnes and Nobles visit or a Phipps visit this summer. We'd love to have you come this direction. love ya!

  2. Ha! I have that same feeder in my backyard, along with the ceramic plate/glass one. I just had to get a small feeder for the front because we have a family of birds living in an evergreen tree right outside the office window! I actually just came in the house from a full day of weeding, planting and transplanting. I am sore, dirty, and REALLY wishing my husband was here to lend a hand. There's still SO much more to do...

  3. I just LOVE those girls! Gracie & Gretchen PLUS Maggie & Marlee...WHOA! It would be T-R-O-U-B-L-E! OH but it would be fun! Tell Marlee Jane that there is no place like home! No more getting out of the fence!
    I'm going to try and get a new pic of the 3 Gs to post on my blog. You've inspired me!

  4. wow, what beautiful roses and landscaping! i LOVE the springtime too! it just puts me in a happy mood!


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