Saturday, April 21, 2007

Devotional Recommendation

Over the last few years, after I was introduced to Beth Moore, I have been fascinated by her tenacity when it comes to the Word in scripture. When I was facing the possibility of and then the subsequent ending of my pregnancy in miscarriage, I literally felt the Holy Spirit tugging at my heart to move closer to Him through this experience. Despite the challenges, both emotionally and physically, I found such a peace...the true "peace that passes all understanding." I believe this is a peace that only those who have wholly given their circumstances to Christ know. I hope that is taken as a plea and invitation, and not as an exclusion. Anyway, Richard and I went to Amarillo the weekend after we lost the baby for a short getaway and while we were there visited one of my most favorite places, Barnes and Noble. While perusing a random middle-aisle table, I happened upon a devotional written by Beth Moore. It is called "Praying God's Word Day-by-Day: A Year of Devotional Prayer." We have all had a time, one that seems to others perhaps as coincidence, when God whispered a thought or a realization...that "Aha" your ear and you just know there's no way it just popped into your mind randomly! That's exactly what happened that day in B & N. I picked up this book, opened to the day's date, March 11th and this is what it said:

"The level of trust we have for God is a monumental issue in the life of every believer."

"God, even in this difficult place, You have treasures for me here. You will give me the treasures of darkness, riches stored in secret places, so that I may know that You are the Lord, the God of Israel, who summons me by name (Isaiah 45:3). You want me to discover the riches of relationship with You that will set me free from this place.

You have not run away from being my Shepherd. I know You have not desired the day of despair. What passes my lips is open before You (Jeremiah 17:16).

Therefore, hope does not disappoint me, Lord, because You have poured out Your love into my heart by the Holy Spirit whom You have given me (Romans 5:5)."

I wanted to share so if you were looking for a devotional of some sort, you might consider this one. I thank God for Beth Moore and her spiritual gifts of sharing His word in a relative way.

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