Saturday, April 07, 2007

Merry Easter...uh, Happy Christmas?

How in the world the Easter bunny will be able to find his way to Childress, Texas, I'm not sure. Don't worry, I'm sure he will...but he's in for a task. I think he's probably very confused by what is falling on the ground at this very moment. This morning, after finishing a workout at the gym, Rich and I walk to the car in what I call "slow." It is a mixture of sleet and snow...kind of looks like little snow pellets. We go to a small Easter gathering with friends and family and as we are leaving we get real flakes! I take a nap, wake up and see what follows in the pictures...big flakes and lots of them. We already pulled my plants into the garage, but I'm so worried we won't be able to sample the peaches from our front yard that our neighbors have raved about because they don't take well to late freezes! Don't tell Al Gore...he might come to Childress fora sequel to his documentary!

The backyard...the poor birdies are freezing their feathers off!!!!

Yesterday, the feeders were full of birds and the Martin houses were empty!

Richard wanted this picture of the white snow on the green grass.


  1. Only in Texas.... can you wait five minutes and the weather REALLY will change!

  2. And yesterday I got a SUNBURN in my backyard. So, yeah, don't tell Al Gore.


  3. Same here! Thankfully, nothing stuck. But poor Micah was very confused by the whole sleet thing. He cried when we tried to run to the can from Target. Elizabeth on the other hand thought the whole thing was hilarious!

    So, tomorrow I will dress my children in their adorable Easter outfits, take their pics, and put on winter coats to go to church.

    Yep, only in Texas!

  4. I think my toes are still blue from the open toe sandals that went so perfectly with my sleeveless Easter dress! I wore it anyway thought, dang it, I spent hours finding mine and the girls dresses! I'm such a good mother!LOL! I just figured out that my speakers were unpluged and was pleasently surprised when I clicked on your name and my favorite song started playing!! That is such a nice touch! Hope you had a great Easter break!

  5. Did the Easter bunny find you, Rich and the girls? And bring you Cadbury Eggs? favorites! I'm hoping to hit pay dirt at the after Easter sale on them today!

  6. Happy Birthday Charla (the 10th) You haven't posted yet today!


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