Thursday, April 05, 2007

Shed a Tear for Gina!

I'm so sad...very, very sad. For two reasons. One, I will no longer be able to bask in the harmony of Gina's voice on AI (American Idol for you non-viewers). Two, I will still have to sit through the not-so harmonious vocals of one Sanjaya Malakhar for another week (albeit with fingers in my ears and me humming loudly). Or, I can do, as I have done the last few weeks, and wait to watch it from the DVR, listen to the first line or two of his song, and then fast forward to the judge's comments. Gina, we will miss your smile, and your amazing voice, as well as your individuality! I mean, how could you kick off a girl who could STILL manage to sing the song, "Smile" as she's crying and looking into the eyes of her friends she will have to leave...and do it dang well, too! Goodbye, Gina...

But, there is a ray of sunlight in reality t.v. this week and his name is Andy Baldwin. Whew, I think he is my favorite bachelor so far. Yes, he is handsome, but this is not my reasoning. He is a doctor in the Navy, comes from meager and humble beginnings, and is a philanthropist to boot! Nothing is more attractive and likeable than a person willing to give up his or her worldy "things" to people less fortunate. I'm hooked on the, as sad as I will admit it is, did you see all the DRAMA that took place after the rose ceremony...WOW! I was sad for Lindsay because I know she will be embarassed when she sees the footage later...guess that's what happens when you mix lots of women, one man, a competition and too much champagne!


  1. I can't agree more about The Bachelor! I am once again hooked - I hate to admit how much I enjoy the girl fights/rants!
    (Sorry I don't watch AI, but I do wonder about Sanjya... I've read articles that question his continued existence on the show... maybe next week he'll go!?)

  2. loved gina too, dang it! what up with hayley? i guess it helps that she is the only attractive one in the whole bunch--that will probably pull her through a few more weeks. still rooting for blake!

  3. I'm with you Carla. I was sad to see Gina leave and am afraid that some of the other really wonderful singers are going to be booted because of Sanjaya's popularity. Can't see the attraction but I'm not in the 12 - 17 age range that are probably text messaging like crazy...along with all of the Indian cab drivers. That is my theory on Sanjaya. Enjoy your blog!


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