Monday, May 07, 2007

Sleepy Girls

We had a long weekend from school because Friday was a bad weather day. Friday I spent the ENTIRE day cleaning, working outside, and doing laundry. Saturday we spent at a funeral for Rich's great aunt in Amarillo. After the funeral, we went shopping. If any of you readers resides (either currently or in the past) in a small town, you understand when I say we had to get our shopping in. When we go to "the city" there are a few musts...these include but are not limited to Sam's, dinner and a movie. We usually squeeze in Target and World Market time permitting. This time, we made it to Sam's, movie (Fracture), Old Navy, Academy and Pei Wei (our favorite). We feel so special because we were in Dallas last weekend and had Pei Wei Sunday before we got home, so could say we had eaten there twice in one week! Anyway, we got home late Saturday night and still made it to Sunday school and church...I was very proud I must say. So, needless to say, after church I was totally wiped out! Apparently, the girls were tired, too. We fell sound asleep on the couch, and Richard sneaked in a picture or two before I woke up. Please ignore my hideous sleeping frown and the fever blister!

What you can't see is all of the clean laundry at the other end of the sofa, as well as draped across the back. I literally fell asleep in my work!


  1. COZY! There are so many times during the day I wish I was doing the same thing on my couch with my girls! You look precious!

  2. So cute! I love that you call them "the girls"! I really need to make a trip to the "city" to to get some shopping in. Glad you had a fun weekend!


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