Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Good Times in U-Town

UHS Class of 1997 10-Year Reunion

Friday Night, June 22, Lonestar Saloon

Rich and me before we left for the Lonestar Saloon.
This is a picture of me with my cousin, Jimmy Cleaver. He also went to UHS. Until February of this year, I hadn't seen the kid in over 6 years! It was good to see him!

Some '97 girls...Sami, Sarah, me, Amanda, Kelly

Some '97 guys...Roy, Roland, Stephen, Johnny

Maricela, Tania and me!

What's a party without a little bit of dancing...

Dana, Dawn, Maria, Kelly, Weslie (married into
UHS fame), and me! Vale Rodriguez was the band
and they were great!

Couples...Rich and me*, Matt and Tania*(back), Misty and Roland* (front left), Weslie and Stephen* (front right)

Saturday, June 23
Picnic on the Frio River

Richard, John and Matt (all husbands/significant other) of a UHS grad are grilling burgers and hot dogs for the occasion! Thanks, dad, for the grill!

While we were setting up, this Axis deer just wandered up the river bank to our picnic. The kids thought it was great!

'97 girls at the river...Tania, Kyley, Sami, Meredith and me

A group of classmates and some of their mates...Kyley*, me*, Kami* and John, Curtis*, Jennifer*, JoJo*, Sami* and Blake.

Here is Roland with his 8-week old son, Kade. His wife was the redhead, Misty in some of the above pictures. What a sweetie!

This is me with the SWEETEST, MOST BEAUTIFUL child I have ever known. Her name is Mason Ann Elliott (Mae Mae by her Momma) and I absolutely love her! I could have hung out with her the whole reunion! She knows how to count to ten in SPANISH and will point to certain body parts if you ask them in Spanish...she's only TWO! She has big blue eyes and I could just eat her up! You can't tell, but in this picture, when she put her arms around me she found my ponytail and was pulling on it so I was laughing!

It's been a long day and it just started! We are ready to head home but are waiting on people to start leaving...everyone was having such a great time, but we had to unload chairs and tables and get home to get ready for the evening!

Saturday Night...Uvalde Country Club

The setup...

The buffet...potatoes, pork tenderloin, chicken of some sort, and a salad/bread.

The dessert table...cheesecake. On the other side was a cake with Class of 1997 written on it.

Some of the classmates put together a memory table of classmates who have passed away since graduation. There are five that we know of. Jennifer Hernandez (below left) died in a car wreck and left two children behind. Kristi Mahmalji (upper left) got sick and could never recover. Jessica Hernandez (middle) died of Leukemia, Rhonda Waller (bottom right) died in a car wreck just a few months after graduation, and Bennie Arreola (upper right) took his own life. The last one few people knew about until we got to the reunion, so we were all obviously shocked by this news. In the middle is Rhonda's mortar board and a poem she wrote about graduation and leaving our friends. It was very touching.

Another classmate put together a DVD slideshow (everyone got a copy of it to take home) of pictures sent to her by classmates. It was GREAT! We also had DVD's of Sports Spectacular and Graduation Spectacular.

Tania and I handed out awards to classmates. We had 10 total and they were really fun!

The studs...Stephen and Roland with all the girls (from right to left) Kyley, Sami, me, Kami and Tracye.

Kami and Kyley are best friends...they each bought a dress and then one called the other to tell her about it. Turns out, they bought the EXACT same dress but in a different color! They were both registration girls so it looked like they did it on purpose!

Our table for dinner...Roland* and Misty, Julia* and David, Richard (taking picture) and me* and Sami* and Blake.

These are just tables we had set up outside.

By the end of the night, this is where everyone the bar of the country club. Most of us went in there for 2 reasons...the a.c. was working better in there, and there were comfy places to sit down!
One of our classmates was at the reunion but was also working that night as our chef at the country club!
Tania and me...she was the coordinator of the whole reunion and did an AWESOME job! She had koozies made for everyone, DVD's of the slideshow and directories to take home. I was very impressed with how much she took on, but no one was surprised...she's been that way forever!
It's been a long weekend and I'm exhausted. This is me with Weslie and Stephen, the parents of the beautiful Mae Mae! Now, do we even have to wonder why she's so cute? C'mon!
These are all (well almost all...I think there were a few, maybe 5, that didn't hear the announcement for group picture time) of our classmates that made it to the reunion. I think there ended up being around 50. I guess that's not too bad, but we did graduate with 280 in our class. Those who did show, had a GREAT time!
"We'll always be, Loyal and True, all through our school days and when we are through. Uvalde High, three cheers for you...rah, rah, rah...we pledge our hearts and our selves to you."


  1. looks like you guys had fun!!! glad you didn't get swept away with all this crazy texas rain! all of my fam was in uvalde several weeks ago for my grandparents big 60th wedding anniversary. i was one of the only grandkids who couldn't make it. :(

  2. Awww...sorry you couldn't make it but I'm SURE everyone understood! I am actually still adding to this post, so check back.

  3. LOVE the pics! I have a good idea now what to look forward to for Will's reunion in just another two years! By the way, your dress is super cute and I love it! Thanks for the update...

  4. 1. Your dress is very cute!
    2. You south Texas people know how to make a party last ALL weekend.
    3. Still haven't decided if I'll even attend my 10 year reunion. Didn't like most of the people then, so I kind of doubt I'll feel any different now!

  5. Awesome pictures! Our 10-year reunion is coming up next year, and I can hardly believe it. I bet it was so fun to catch up with people you hadn't seen in forever! You and your husband are such a cute couple!

  6. What a blast! I recognize the place where you are all sitting down to dinner.....I think Keri and Bryan's rehearsal was there. You are looking so cute in all the pictures. Hope your summer is going well. I will get with you to see about changing my pic.

  7. Charla, thanks for your encouraging words on my blog. I don't have your email address, so email me at and I will send it to you. :)

  8. We have Curtis' 10 year reunion this fall. Your pics made me look forward to it even more!

    You guys look great!

  9. Your class reunion sounds like it was alot of fun. My class had no money so we could not do whole lot of fun things, but there are some good ideas that I will pass on to those planning Danny's 10 year reunion.

  10. Wow! What a fun weekend. The beauty of a small(ish) school is that I'm sure the reunions are way more personable. I had over 800 kids in my graduating class. It's a little overwhelming.

  11. I'm with Alicia - with 700 people in my class, I don't think our reunion will be nearly as fun and intimate as yours!

  12. Tania LeskovarJuly 12, 2007 2:29 PM

    Charla -great pictures and recap of the weekend. It was a great time, but I could not have done it without all of your help...can't wait to hang out with you guys again this summer.


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