Friday, August 03, 2007

Happy Birthday to you...

Happy birthday to you...
Happy birthday dear, Marlee!
Happy birthday to you!

My baby schnauzer girl turns ONE today! Marlee has been SO much fun to have around, especially for our Maggie girl...they are best friends! Here are some things to know and love about Marlee Jane Jenkins.

  • She was born in Abilene and lived her first couple of months with her momma, daddy and four siblings.
  • She didn't cry (except for one tiny whimper) all the way home from Abilene to Childress.
  • She was almost named Abi (for Abilene) but her new daddy didn't like how Maggie and Abi sounded together...momma agreed.
  • She was named Marlee with two "e's" because her momma didn't want people calling her Bob (even though her daddy does anyway).
  • She is what the schnauzer world calls a "phantom." She is black with white/brown accents on her beard, feet, tail/bottom area and her eyebrows. She is bi-racial. Her momma was black and her daddy was salt and pepper.
  • She will be slightly smaller than Maggie.
  • She takes her food from her bowl to the rug we have in the living room. She is surrounded by tile and hardwood and still chooses the rug as her place to eat!
  • She has gotten better about haircuts and baths, but she still hates to have her ears clipped!
  • She ADORES her big sister, Maggie and follows her EVERYWHERE!
  • She's a cuddler, unlike her sister. Marlee will lay right on top of you and fall fast asleep!
  • She LOVES socks! If there is a sock left on the ground, Marlee finds it. My favorite is when she takes one from the dirty clothes pile I'm about to wash and I find it after the wash is finished! It is pretty cute though, when she shakes it in her tough!
  • She loves car rides and walks.
  • She is an ATTENTION HOG! If I'm loving on Maggie and she sees it, Marlee will run as fast as she can and get right in the middle of it.
  • She is "shy" when it comes to taking treats and when she gets in trouble...she cowers if I raise my voice at her.
  • Rich and I say we have pulled the ultimate younger child non-discipline in her...we were hard on Maggie and she minds 98% of the time. We were so lax with Marlee and she still doesn't know how to sit on command! Ah! I guess we're learning for real children!
  • She licks Maggie's ears (yes the inside).
  • She loves to wrestle with her big sister and often instigates it!
  • She loves to chase cats, especially my parent's cat, B.W.
  • We love her VERY MUCH!


  1. What a beautiful girl! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Marlee from your schnauzer friends in Waco!!

  2. Happy Birthday, Marlee! She is precious!

  3. What a sweet post. Happy Birthday Marlee!!


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