Saturday, September 01, 2007

New Bookshelf and Cute Puppy

A couple of weekends ago, Rich and I went to Amarillo to visit some friends and to finally have his LAST back treatment...yay! I have been wanting a new bookshelf for our office pretty much since we got married but until we moved to Childress we really didn't have room for a big one. Finally, finally, finally, we bought this one and I LOVE it! I found it on and then did some research on it and read up on the reviews, the vast majority of which were positive. I see why! We bought it while in Amarillo. So, here is a picture of our new bookshelf, filled and in place. I'm still contemplating whether I will leave the "greenery" on top or not.

On to the cute puppy. In our office we have a daybed with a trundle under it. When I come into the office to work on something, the dogs always follow me in here. Maggie usually just lays by the door on the floor, but Marlee always goes to the bed to this one corner of pillows. It is SO sweet how she curls up in a little ball...almost like she's hiding from the world. Just wanted to share my cute "baby."


  1. What a cutie! I love it when little pups get all curled up like that. So adorable. Great bookcase, isn't Target amazing? I am so impressed, and I love your wall color, too!

  2. Tell Marlee Jane that she is TOO cute! I think that she would get along with Gretchen splendidly!
    The bookshelf is nice! All English teachers need at least one large bookshelf in the house! :) I like the plant on top!

  3. i like the greenery on top. what a cutie that marlee is!

  4. The two shelf bookcase Dad put together for me is the same line. Mine isn't filled yet. Maybe tomorrow. And Marlee really does look cute among the pillows.

  5. Everything looks so great but I must admit that Marlee is definetely the cutest accessory to your decor!
    btw-my family has somewhat moved away from Uvalde but they are the Hale family. I'm not sure if that connects us anyhow but it sure is a small world!

  6. So precious! Puppies just melt my heart! :-)


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