Tuesday, September 11, 2007


This summer I had many projects going. This was one of them. Richard's grandparents gave him an old dresser (when I say old, I mean between 40 and 50 years) to use in college. So, he and his brother painted it a Kelly green and put some hideous white pulls on it. The previous pulls had double holes, and they replaced them with single-holed knobs...and didn't fill in the holes. But, what did they care? They were in college, living in a trailer house!

Well, we have had said dresser in our house since we got married...five years ago! We have used it as a guest dresser, mainly to put the t.v. on top of. I have hated it since the day I saw it, so this summer I decided to do some refinishing/painting, etc. I sanded it and discovered multiple layers of paint. After I sanded, I primed and then I painted it one shade, and then went over it in a bit darker shade so the lighter showed through. We then put some really pretty dark, brown metal hardware on it and voila! Here are the before and after pics.


Isn't hideous? I honestly can't believe I had it in my house for so long like this!


I also have changed the guest bedroom up a little bit itself. I hung different pictures by the bed, bought a new comforter/quilt for the bed and when we bought the new big bookcase, I moved the smaller one into this room and put my oval mirror over it. I told Richard the other day that I think the guest bedroom is my new favorite room in the house! I love it!

The "new" bed...I really loved all the muted rainbow of colors in this comforter.
This writing desk was my great-grandfather's and was in my grandparent's house when I was growing up. I love it! When I want to write someone a letter or send someone a card, I open the drawer and sit down at this desk to do it. I love it because other than being a perfect bedside table, all I use it for is correspondence writing, which I love to do.
Here is the small bookcase we moved in from the office and the mirror that finally has a "permanent" home. Ha!
The "finished" room...for now! Earlier this year Richard put in this new ceiling fan which I LOVE! There is one exactly like it in the office, as well.
SO...we would love for you to come and see the guest bedroom in person!

Our doors are always open!


  1. We want to come! Are schnauzers allowed?
    You did a FANTASTIC job on the dresser. Wow! I'm totally impressed!
    Miss you!

  2. this looks really great!!!! I can hardly wait to stay in it. I wish I had a great finished project I could show off. Just lots of projects in progress...... thanks for posting all of the pics.

  3. The guest room is so pretty. We just purchased furniture for our guest room, but I don't have all the pretty decorations like you do. You inspire me!!! :-)

  4. I love before and after pics! YOu did a great job!!!

  5. The guest room looks great!

    I have been meaning to ask you forever now who you want to win BB now that there's only 3 left.

  6. Love the dresser...much better!

  7. Wow wow wow! What a great makeover on the dresser! And I love the room. Your guests will stay in style. :) The comforter is great!

  8. Charla!!!
    Hello sweet sweet friend!!!!! I love checking in with you now =)! I think of you and precious Amy often. I am so glad to see you still have your active faith. We should plan a little JLMS reunion next summer! Ha! You are missed, Sara

  9. You have an amazing talent at fixing up things. I am amazed at all you have done in your house. Wow! Next time you come to town, you will have to help me get some projects started!

    How is choir? I can't wait to hear about your debut!!

  10. So pretty...I love the bedspread.

  11. Thanks for all your sweet comments about the guest room and such! Sara-I miss you, too! I really would love to see my JLMS peeps again sometime. I came to school last year on a Friday and saw everyone and it was GREAT! I am so thankful for these blogs! Can you imagine what our great-grandparents x 3 went through...waiting weeks to receive a reply from a hand-written letter? We are so spoiled and so blessed!


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