Tuesday, October 23, 2007

What Your Halloween Habits Say About You

You're a friendly person, but not the life of the party. You like making someone else's day - and you'll dress up if you think of a really fun costume.

No one quite understands you, but everyone also sort of worships you. And that's exactly how you like it.

Your inner child is bittersweet, thoughtful, and never too greedy.

You truly fear the dark side of humanity. You are a true misanthrope.

You're logical, rational, and not easily effected. Not a lot scares you... especially when it comes to the paranormal.

You are a traditionalist with most aspects of your life. You like your Halloween costume to be basic, well made, and conventional enough to wear another year.


  1. Charla,

    The 5 year anniversary mark reminded me of Doyle and I when we were still young =) and still so able to relish in each other!!!! What a beautiful day and what a wonderful marriage God has blessed you with...that is more than many have in this laifetime. It is a blessing!!!!!! Congratulations friend!

  2. I just noticed y'all are getting to come to the halloween party. Great deal. See you there....

  3. Wish we could party with you guys for Halloween...can't wait to see the costumes you and your Cable Guy come up with this year!

  4. Looks like your father-in-law was good to us. We're back up at school.

    You must have some pull.

    PS - I like your blog :)


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