Monday, December 10, 2007

Prayers, Prayers, Prayers


I just left the hospital where Chad was resting comfortably. All of his tests came back okay, but the doctor is going to refer him to a neurologist sometime in the near future. Chad was really tired, and had a little headache but was okay. Jody is contemplating staying here (with us...we live right across the street from the hospital), or going home. They want to keep him overnight for observation. They think this might have happened before a couple of years ago...Chad came home for lunch, sat down at the computer and woke up on the floor. So, they will continue to investigate what could be causing these episodes. Praise God for this blessing and continue to pray for this family...Jody is so dear to me and I know she can feel the love!!


Blogger friends...

I am writing this asking for lots of prayers for my good friend Jody and her husband Chad. Jody got a call today on our way back from lunch. Her husband, Chad, had a bad seizure (I think while he was at work). Their neighbor was able to be with him when it happened, and called 911. They live in Paducah (30 miles South of Childress), so he was brought to the hospital here. Supposedly he came out of the seizure fine, but she is at the hospital with him right now and they are trying to figure out what happened. Please pray for peace for both Jody and Chad. They have 2 year-old twins but are blessed that Jody's family lives down the street and can help take care of them if need be. Specifically pray for a clean bill of health for Chad. Seizures are sometimes indicative of bigger problems, so pray for God's healing hands to be on Chad.

I am waiting for news from Jody so I will keep you updated when I hear something.

What a blessing I can run to my blogger friends and family and know prayers will be uplifted the minute you read this! Thank you.


  1. Jodi is so lucky to have you as a friend. You are very sincere and it is wonderful to see that. I will keep their family in our prayers and I sure hope that everything works out. Their is a plan we just have to wait and see what it is. Prayers are the answer, please let me know if there is anything that I can do to help. I will be happy to do whatever is needed.

  2. Thanks for the update. We will be keeping him in our prayers. They are blessed to have you as a friend.

  3. Praying ...

    PS - Loved your class. Thanks for what you do!


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