Monday, April 07, 2008

There's a New Blonde In My Life

Thursday is my birthday and I've mentioned to you before how great my husband is. How the minute I begin thinking, "I wish he could be more..." he does something to remind me of how I love him JUST the way he is, even his quirks. I have been very fickle about what I wanted for my birthday this year. At first, I told Richard I didn't want to spend money on anything so we could just have a nice dinner here in C-town. Then, I told him I wanted a mini-vacation...I saw on a fellow-blogger's recent post, who also happens to have fertility struggles, that she and her husband are taking a baby-making break and going to Hawaii. So, we couldn't exactly pull off the big island, but Ruidoso would be nice. I was set on a getaway weekend.

THEN...I went to a local nursery with a friend from school and there were SO many beautiful plants for SUCH great prices. I bought a gorgeous, large ladder fern for $15!!!! So great. So, I spent some of my personal budget money, but then told Richard to nix the vacation idea, and just go plant shopping with me for more greenery and flowers for the house. He says, "too late, I already have something planned."

SO, I am under the assumption he is taking me somewhere and I'm really excited!

SO...Saturday night, we had some family drama, and things weren't going well at our house. I had such a great day, working in the yard, getting TONS of work done outside and running errands. I worked all day and we were going to grill that night. Richard was gone all day, working out at the ranch with his dad.

So, he comes home, we talk about things from the day, some family drama ensues, I start a mini-emotional breakdown, and he says, "So, I got your birthday present today." What I heard was, "So, I'm not taking you on a getaway for your birthday," which is all I wanted at the get away!! Honestly. I couldn't hear what he was saying...and then I felt guilty...really guilty. He continues that he wants to give me my gift right now, five days early. I said, "Well, okay, where is it?"

He goes outside and returns with one hand behind his back. I put my hands out and he hands me what he calls "the keys to my new transportation." He hands me a lead rope and harness. Let's just say my new "ride" is ALL HORSE POWER!! Here she is...

Yes, my husband bought me a GORGEOUS 9 year-old Palomino mare!!!! Is she not the most beautiful horse you've ever seen? I'm still in disbelief. The other day, I went out to the ranch and was so excited to spend the afternoon riding the horse we have out there right now, a Paint named Mickey. So, I get on him and he starts to jump and mildly buck and that was all it took...tears in my eyes, I tell Richard I will never ride him again. He's a sweet horse when you aren't on him...or if someone is leading him while you are on him. But if you try to ride him by yourself, he's so ORNERY!!

So, Rich is trying to comfort me and telling me that SOMEDAY we will get a mare for me to ride. I'm thinking in a year at least. So, needless to say I was shocked.

Those of you who know me well, understand my obsession and LOVE for The Sound of Music. Those of you reading this that don't know, my processional at my wedding was Maria's Processional from the movie (minus the, "how do you solve a problem like Maria..." part). So, as I'm thinking about how hard it is going to be to name her (Richard didn't even ask the previous owners what her name was...he said she was my horse and he wanted me to name her), all of a sudden it comes to me.

She is named Liesel. It fits her very well. She's girlie, and beautiful (just like Charmaine Carr in the movie), not to mention that she's a true blonde and that fits into the culture of Austria/Germany/Switzerland, where the movie is set. Richard said if that was the case, I should just name her Arian (sp?)...I didn't think that was funny.

Alas, I'm in love. I am so ready to get a saddle on her and start riding. We stopped at Atwoods today on our way home from Dallas and got the tack we needed. Now, I'm looking for a women's saddle. I want to be out there every afternoon if possible, but at least 3 times a week for sure. I am just so overwhelmed with happiness and that has been a long time coming and feels so good. The horse isn't the only reason I'm happy, but she is the icing on the cake.

Richard also bought himself a one and a half year old colt. He is SO WILD, but Richard wanted to be able to break and train him himself, so he's really excited.

So, that was Saturday night. We got up Sunday, went to the ranch to see Liesel and the colt. Richard bought them on the day Charlton Heston passed away, so he's thinking he might name him Heston, which I think is a great name, but he's not set.
Then, we headed to Dallas to see my my brother, Will, and sister-in-law, Amy, my parents and a lot of our family there. Amy's sister, Alicia, had her first baby, Hannah Grace, today in the Dallas area so we went up to the hospital for a few minutes to say hello to her family that was there.

What a great weekend of new beginnings!

Giddy up!


  1. OMGoodness Char! That is so exciting - awwwwww. I love our Richard :) Such a nice gift that is all yours and will be an adventure, relaxing, and exciting all in one long tall blonde! :) I can't wait for 4:00 for you every's out and Liesel's in! wheee. And Happy early b-day. 2 days and counting. 29! :)
    Ps. Tell Rich: good timing!
    Pss. And be careful around the colt.
    Love yall!

  2. I LOVED reading this post this morning! Your horse is a beauty! And it is so special that Rich picked her out just for you! I want to see pics of you riding her!! I'm so happy for you!

  3. I love Richard almost as much as I love you.....I can't wait to go on a road trip to see the little darlings.....

  4. how awesome is that! wow, I don't think clay would ever put that much thought into something. how much fun! so happy for you!

  5. I think she is really neat... I loved the story and she is so pretty...congrats and happy birthday ol' lady....atleast you are just a couple days older than I am...steph

  6. HOW MUCH FUN!!I love her and how sweet is he??? Happy Birthday, Girl!!!

  7. Well, for me, the long tall blonde would need to be Alan Jackson. Richard is a listener and that is a rare commodity in a husband. I'd say you are blessed. dp

  8. Happy Birthday Charla! Love the sweet story- what an awesome birthday present! Riding her at 4:00 will be better than Oprah everyday!

  9. Wow, wow, wow!!!! What an incredibly beautiful horse and an incredibly sweet and thoughtful husband! I am so excited for you, and I LOVE the name! Happy Birthday!


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