Thursday, June 26, 2008

Funny Puppy

Most who read this know that our house is literally right across the street from the hospital, namely the emergency room. So, there are always ambulances driving to and from the hospital at all hours. Thank goodness they are normally very courteous and turn their sirens off before they turn down our street.

Well, yesterday I was sitting on the back porch with the dogs, enjoying the cooler-than-normal breeze, studyin' a little, sippin' a little, and just doing a little of nothing. p.s.-I love summer!

In the midst of my peaceful tranquility, and the pups' nap on the patio, an ambulance pulls out of the hospital and obviously forgets said rule about no sirens until you hit the highway. I really thought he/she was going to pull into our alley. The siren was so loud, but I wasn't mad or anything; just surprised.

Well, Marlee, the 1 1/2 year old schnauzer, sits straight up, her ears perk up and she runs into the grass. She throws her head back and starts to HOWL!

And so did I (with laughter, of course)! It was the funniest thing; one of those moments you wished you had had your video camera to capture because I swear I could have won $10,000!

I tried to reproduce the noise for her, but she only mumbled a little; no more howling. Funny thing is, she's usually the dog that doesn't bark much. She will ward off any cars/trucks in the alley, but other than that, she's our least vocal "child."

Growing up we had a schnauzer named Tina. You could howl/sing "Amazing Grace" (really any song as long as it was at the right tone for her) and she would howl along with you. We did it all the dad especially had a fun time with it!

Do your pets do anything kooky like that?


  1. oh my gosh! that is so cute!!! (love your background by the way)...i think i told you we had schnauzers growing up--i miss those howls and yodles! please tell me you have seen the video of shiloh my dog, howling to red hot chili peppers "scar tissue" is THE ONLY SONG she sings for--it can barely be on, but she will hear it everytime and start singing along! its too funny. (email me if you haven't seen it and i will send it to you! its on my blog somewhere)

  2. oh char that is too cute! sweet dogs. Maui doesn't really have any "talents" like that but she is still pretty sweet :)
    did you get my message at your house the other day? and what email do you check regularly?
    love and miss!

  3. Sweet little puppies! Love those guys...I love your mom's blog... You did a super job...Now wouldn't it be fun if you could do it for a living? Sweet Mama!
    Let's do lunch!
    Love ya girlie!

  4. I love that little Marlee Jane even though I've never "officially" met her! :) She would get along great with Gretchen! I'm glad that she can howl along with the ambulance AND that you got to witness it!

  5. my yorkie does the same thing! he can really sound EXACTLY like an ambulance. he doesn't do it for any other siren, but it's hilarious. i laugh out loud every time and think he is so cute. he even heard one in the middle of the night once and sat on the edge of the bed with his head straight up to the sky howling. i didn't care that it was 2 in the morning...i loved it :-)

  6. Love the story and the picture! My old gal Trixie (Beagle mix) just loves to speak. The poor thing just can't help herself! If we talk to her real soft and say, "What wrong Trix? Just tell us what's wrong with our poor little Trixie..." she will start howling like crazy. As if she is pouring her heart out! The funny thing is she is getting so old (well, she is 9 1/2) that her poor howling really sounds like an old, tired grandma with a few gargling sounds as an ending! Too precious! :)


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