Wednesday, June 18, 2008

No Mere Coincidence

As Christians, I don't think many of us believe in coincidences. I know I don't. This idea has never been more applicable to me than at this point in my life. I'm pretty sure it isn't because God all of a sudden started putting these events into my life. I know it is because I have drawn closer to him and I can see them better. I want to tell you about one of these God-things that just happened. I am doing a bible study online with 3 strangers and my sister-in-law through the LPM blog. Living Proof Ministries is Beth Moore's ministry and a group of women (any woman in the U.S. who participates in the blog at all), affectionately termed "Siestas" is having a summer bible study. We are studying "No Other Gods" by Kelly Minter. Anyway, I created a blog for the study and am SO excited to "get to know" the other four women in our group, and to get to study with my beloved SIL, Dawn. So, I get on the LPM blog to leave a comment about how our "meeting" went last night, the first day of the study, and to tell Beth about our group and our new blog. I leave my comment, start scrolling down through the other comments and reading and looking at the pictures next to them, and all of a sudden, I see a familiar face and I SERIOUSLY GASPED OUT LOUD! I know Sarah in a few ways...first, she was from San Antonio, and I was from a little town West of there, and she dated one of my best friends in high school. Second, she was roommates with my cousin at A&M and we all lived in the same dorm...yes, we were Underwood Hotties! Lastly, when she was in Uvalde for my cousin's wedding, she and Greg stayed with my parents for the weekend (that was over seven years ago)!

So, I went to her blog and got to see her brand new baby boy, Grayson and see what she has been up to and where she is!

Oh, if I could convince all of the world to blog, it would be a dream fulfilled! It has been such a blessing to me in so many ways and a ministry to both myself and others.

Some of you reading this blog know Sarah, so go check out her blog and leave her a word of encouragement! And even if you don't know her, I know her blog would be an encouragement to you...check it out!


  1. I saw your comment on the Lproof blog and wanted to stop by and say hello.

    We did not have bad weather during Bible Study like you did, but we heard the sound of raindrops for the 1st time in weeks.

    Glad you are ok and didn't suffer major damage.


  2. Charla!!!! I am so glad to find a long lost friend!! What a cool thing that God did for us today. Thanks so much for your sweet blog post on your blog and mine. I am just beside myself right now and I can't stand it. It has been a rough couple of days with the baby but the Lord has blessed me today and I am renewed in my spirit. Also, I clicked on Nathan Phillip's blog link-another blessing to see some pictures of old friends. I would love to chat-my email is

    love ya!!!!

  3. What a neat little story...and what a great thing that you are doing with your online bible study...have a great day...steph

  4. Charla, You always have such great stories...I think that God allows these little incidents in our life to show us that He is in control and that he has plans for us. All things come together. Reconnecting with old friends is one of the greatest blessings in the world.

    Going to Amarillo today/tomorrow but when I get back we need to get together...I want to know all about your Walk and your trip, and I have alittle news I need to share with you!

    See ya soon!

  5. OK, Charla, I'm not the whole world, but you convinced me. I've officially created my very own blog!!!!

    Check it out

    Now the trick will be finding the time to sit down and keep it updated.

  6. The King of Kings and the Lord of Lords is amazing isn't He???!!! I love the Scripture that says, my paraphrase, that if He loves the birds of the air, how much more does He love us? This is a major God~thing. Oh and about that last word there, the only other place I've ever heard that word used was by Robin Jones Gunn, my current favorite author. :) Do you read her books? If not, you should check them out!


  7. Love the new's almost as pretty as the one you made for me!!!

  8. Great new header! Wish I'd known you had such HTML talent! I can't read the sidebars, not enough contrast for an old lady, but wait and see what your other readers say. Could just be my old eyes.

    Your story about finding Sarah is a beautiful and exciting reminder of how God pays close attention to the little details of our lives and blesses us in ways we least expect. Isn't He something? Thanks for sharing it!

  9. I can't believe you two found each other. I remember those days at A&M. They were the greatest. You were so sweet, I can remember your cute face and smile right now. I knew you were special then,you have that glow of the spirit. I am so glad to see your blog. I love the cowgirl name and web design. I was raised in south Texas and had friends myself from Uvalde. I know Sarah was thrilled you found each other. Isn't God the best. I'll keep checking your blog. Keep up the good work of the Lord. Sarah's mom, Iris Francis

  10. I LOVE the new header! It looks great.


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