Saturday, August 02, 2008

Fun Weekend of Showers

Last weekend I went home to Uvalde for two showers for two very good, and very pregnant friends, Sami and Sarah. I had such a great time seeing friends, family and watching Sami and Sarah so happy and glowing!

Thursday, I left Childress and headed to Abilene to meet Julia. She rode with me down to Uvalde and we had such a great visit on the way there and back. I love that we were friends, but not besties by any means in high school. Then, we both went to A&M and ended up both being Psychology majors (and are now both teachers), and we grew much closer. And now, although I don't see her very often, I consider her one of my closest confidantes. We have been through very similar situations the last few years and even got married within a few months of one another. I was blessed to be one of the few "Uvalde people" in attendance and I'm grateful I got to share that special day with them!

Thursday night I spent putting together Sami's hostess gift at my parents' house; I was so proud of myself for doing it all alone!

Our hostess gift to Sami, her jogger stroller!

During the day Friday, I ran errands with mom, ate lunch with good friends, Aaron and Jill Phillips and Caleb, Aaron's little brother. Then, Friday night I cohosted a shower for Sami, due October 10th, with our good friend Meredith at her new home.

Meredith, Sami, and me

Sami (holding baby Hagan), Julia, Sarah, Tania

It is beautiful and, as always, decorated so cute! She did a great job getting it ready for the shower in 3 short weeks!! We just had "dinner" of finger foods...I made sopapilla cheesecake, chocolate dipped strawberries and artichoke dip with sliced french bread.
Sambo and me

We had a great time visiting and watching Sami open her presents. She is a beautiful mommy-to-be and it is so great to see my dear friend so very happy! Can't wait for baby Harris to be here!

Saturday morning I went to a very sweet ladies shower for Sarah, due September 14th.
Sarah opening gifts Saturday morning.

She also looked gorgeous and was literally glowing with excitement. She is certainly going to be a great mom to Sweet Baby H!

Sarah and Sami, tummy to tummy!

Lastly, Saturday early evening I went to my dear friend, Tania's house with my mom. There are four of us who are really close from high school and when we're all in town, we try to get together and have lunch with the moms and daughters. So, we headed to the Leskovar's for empanadas, hummus and some GREAT visiting. Unbeknownst to Sami, Sarah or me, Tania was planning on asking us to be part of her "mis amigas" or house party, for her wedding. She wrote each of us a sweet little note and gave us some awesome Tyler candles as a little gift. It was so touching! We are all really excited about Matt and Tania's upcoming wedding in April! Good times.

Good friends...Tania, Sarah, Sami, me with my note from Tania.

Lastly, here are the pretty mommas (minus Tane, Sarah's mom)...Celina (Tania's mom), Becky (Sami's mom), and Laura (my mom).

Sunday we headed back around 10 a.m., which, if you know Richard and/or me, you realize what a miracle that was. But, Rich wasn't with me and I had another person to think about, so we got home in plenty of time for Bible study and a nap!

GREAT times with GREAT friends...


  1. sounds fun...great pics!! Can't believe you guys left at 10...that is a miracle.

  2. hey charla!
    we are going to uvalde later this month! never been there. the men are fly fishing...what can we do??

  3. Charla--
    Tania looks so familiar to me...I will figure out why soon. It could be tennis, Camp Ozark, 4-H or something...I am trying to figure it out???

  4. LBJ-First, may I ask who this is? I tried and tried to figure it out and I couldn't! LOL...

    Second, its probably Camp Ozark. Tania worked there at least two summers I think. So did Sami.

    We also all three played tennis, so it could be that, too!

    Who knows!

  5. Ok now I am curious who LBJ is? Yes I worked at Camp Ozark for 4 years -ok Charla I am getting into the blogging thing. I love the pictures you posted! It was a great weekend and I am looking forward to us hanging out more this year.

  6. It looked like y'all had a great time. It is always nice to go back home...and be with people that you grew up with...Thank you again for everything that you have done for me.. I appreciate it... steph

  7. sorry, this is Lori Rabe...I didn't realize my user name was an old one. sorry! I did figure out is was Camp O. I worked there for 2 summers (98, 99). I remember Tania well, Sami looks familar, but I don't know. thanks. lori

  8. My maiden name was Lori Jones, went to Tx Tech...I love thinking about the good years at Camp O! Hope you are doing well Tania!

  9. Oh, Lori! I seriously couldn't think of anyone LBJ could be, but I wasn't thinking of you as Lori Jones! Ha! How funny you know Tania...what a small, small world we live in! Love it!

  10. LOVED seeing you last weekend, Charla! I always have so much fun with you!


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