Friday, September 19, 2008

Top 10 Reasons I Love Friday!

Okay, I had to play along! Here goes!

10.) Jeans, jeans, jeans!

9.) Friday night lights (especially those cool Fall nights).

8.) I get to leave school when the kids do (not that I EVER actually accomplish that)!

7.) I KNOW I get to sleep later Saturday morning and it makes me happy!

6.) I can start organizing the house for the next week.

5.) MOVIE NIGHT! We love to rent movies on Friday nights!

4.) Lunch with the girls! Missed you today, D!

3.) Napping with the pups on the couch (who am I kidding, that's everyday after school)!

2.) Leaving in the afternoon to go out of town (which we do quite often).

1.) Getting together with friends because we have no school the next day!


  1. not having to get dressed to go anywhere on most Saturdays!!! (even though I'm on the road tomorrow... it's for a good cause- JKR)

  2. loved your post! I love Fridays because I know that Saturday is soon to come! a day of relaxing for the most part. miss ya!


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