Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Wait, What's Today?

(here we are on our anniversary a few years ago at Messina Hof vineyards in Bryan)

I wanted to share a little funny about our anniversary, two days ago (see post below). We discussed during the days leading up to it whether we would do anything, go anywhere, spend any money, etc. We both agreed because we were going to College Station the next weekend, we would rather save our money and just do some extra fun things while we were gone. So, we agreed on having a simple day just spending time together.

So, Sunday rolls around, alarms go off, we get up, watch a little Sunday morning News, get dressed and head out the door. We get to Sunday school, visit with our class and then we start the lesson. I open up our lesson book to try and find where we are and wonder to myself, "What's today's date?" Only when I flip to the page for the day's date do I realize it is OCTOBER 12th; yep, it's our anniversary and neither of us remembered.

As soon as I realize, I turn to Rich and whisper, "Happy Anniversary, honey," at which point his eyes get big and we both start laughing so hard we're red in the face. It really was a humorous moment.

So, our big celebration was being taken out to K-Bob's for an anniversary lunch by Rich's parents.

We didn't even do cards this year...gosh, we're getting too old.

Or maybe we're just getting wise enough to realize what the most important part of commemorating days like this together is. Not the card. Not the gift. Not the trip. Each other.

So, we spent the rest of the day lounging in our pj's, napping, watching movies, and cuddling with the pups and each other.

If only every day could be an anniversary.


  1. i agree!!!!! all the foofoo never compares to just cuddling up and spending time together!!!!!

  2. Happy Anniversary! Chris and I had the same experience this year. Except we didn't get to cuddle, just drove home from OKC.

  3. I bet Rich was happy you had forgotten too!!:)

    Sounds like the perfect anniversary to me!!


  4. that is great.... I love the post...here's to another 5 years...and more...steph


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