Sunday, January 04, 2009

The Post-Christmas Blues

I'm suffering. Okay, so maybe that's a strong word. Let's see...what about TROUBLED? Better? I think so. Anyway, I'm troubled because I love Christmas and the New Year celebration so much. And now that they are over, I'm troubled because it is an entire year again until they come back around. I absolutely love Christmas and I especially love the fact that friends and family share love and time together. This is just another time it is great to be a teacher. Not that I teach for the holidays. I don't. Really. Stop laughing. I don't.

I love my job, and it just happens it has some serious perks that include great holidays, INCLUDING and most importantly, Christmas and the New Year!

We celebrated first in Childress with Richard's family, including our nephews. There is something about kids at Christmas that is just so special, you know? I can't wait for that time with our own children someday.

On the 28th we headed South to Uvalde and spent a week with my parents, my brother and his wife and other extended family. We had a nice, relaxing New Year's Eve and then got home tonight around 6:00, which seriously is a record y'all. If you know us, I'm not sure we have ever gotten back from a trip before, at the earliest, 10:00 p.m. but more often than not, after midnight. Yep. And then we get up and go to work the next day. Yucky.

So, that was a very brief recount of our Christmas/NYE celebration. I will post pictures sometime soon, when I get a chance...or maybe slowly throughout the next few weeks!

I'm off to bed!


  1. I'm glad you're back. I didn't mean to ignore your text the other day, actually I didn't, but somethings wrong with my phone. I can't text. Hopefully I'll get that worked out tomorrow. Okay - ADO - 19th and I want you to go with me. Also, Yes on the accountability thing. Let's have lunch this week and figure out a plan. Maybe Thursday or Friday? Let me know. Love ya - S

  2. glad you're home!!!

    just remind yourself of all the exciting things 2009 has in store for YOU!!!

    love ya!

  3. I understand how you feel. I love being with family....and I get home sick....but it is going to be nice to get back to will help with the whole party thing this weekend...I haven't gotten to see anyone lately...see yoiu then...steph

  4. Hey girl, I'm glad your home, too. And I think you may have hit the nail on the head. We approach the Christmas season with such hope because we get to be with the ones we love and we don't get to do that very often. January is the time to take stock, clean up and get back at it. So who can blame you for teaching for Christmas!? hmm.

    Hey give me a call when you have time. Love ya.

  5. I was blue yesterday when Lea finally said, "The Christmas lights must come down."

    I feel your pain.

    BUT only 354 more days till Christmas.


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