Thursday, February 26, 2009

Blessings Series: #3

**First, I have to point out I did take my weight loss ticker off of my blog. But, I didn't do it because I've stopped working out or anything. In fact, I had a FANTASTIC aerobics session with Stephanie yesterday and let's just say I'm feeling the effects of it this morning! It was awesome! Anyway, I took the ticker off because I am not really showing my weight loss on the scale and it's a little frustrating. I want to change the ticker so badly, but it's slow going. I was telling a friend I wish they had a ticker for fat to muscle loss or inches lost because that's what happening, I think...because I know ALL of you were so interested and totally noticed the ticker was gone, too!**

Okay, digression over...this Blessings Series post will be short, but oh so amazing (not the post, but the blessing).

I posted yesterday about it being the start of the Lenten season and what that means. If you didn't get a chance to read that post, I encourage you to.

I mentioned I was starting the Lent Reading Plan on So, I started it yesterday in the first chapter of Matthew and continued today through the sixth chapter. I just have to say it really has me thinking and pondering and feeling. I also have to say that several times during my reading, I switched back and forth between different versions of the Bible, which was really interesting. I mainly used The Message, but switched between New Living Translation and the Contemporary English Version occasionally.

So, in this installment of the Blessings Series, I will say I am blessed by this Reading Plan and by in general.

Check it out!

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  1. I always love your post.I grabbed a sandwich on the go today from the bakery and have to say I think of you every time I eat there.I am so glad we became friends. See ya at the gym......PS...I agree about the ticker thing. Noone sees the muscle we gain and where do those inches we loose go???


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