Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Plant A Seed

In these times of economic stress, I know it is hard to think about giving to others, especially monetarily.

So, I have a cause you can give to that costs nothing from you except about 1 minute (or less, depending on your connection speed ;)) of your time.

I teach in Childress, a small 2A community in the Panhandle of Texas. Our baseball field has been nominated in the Frosted Flakes Plant-A-Seed contest. Basically, we need lots of votes to even qualify to be considered.

See the original email from our coach, Jason Botos, below, as well as directions on how to help out!

It would be SO much to our students and community as a whole, if we were able to do this.

Oh, and you can vote multiple times, so if you get the urge, feel free to do so!

Thanks in advance and spread the word!

Hello everyone,
I am sending this email out asking you for support of not only one of our youth baseball fields but the community appearance as a whole. With Mrs. Jones' help, we have nominated the "Rock Field" into the Frosted Flakes Plant-a-Seed program.
The contest is for communities that would like to see a playing field restored or rebuilt, but do not have the financial resources at hand to accomplish their goal of suitable playing fields for their youth and community to use.
You can read the full details on how to become involved, but I will give you a brief breakdown.
There are 4 phases to this program, phase 1 is the nomination process (where we are at), phase 2 Kellogs
will pick 100 fields by a criteria of public support (what we are asking) and need. Phase 3 is public support counting and picking the finalist by the most support, and finally phase 4 is the restoration of the field.
I know it's a long shot, but we would have no shot if we didn't nominate our field. So please tell your students, friends, myspace, & facebook friends to take 3 minutes and log on following these simple
directions and support our field and see if we can't make something happen.

1. Go to www.frostedflakes.com/#/plant-a-seed/

2. "Click" search for a nominated field on the right hand portion of the screen

3. Type in "Rock Field" in the field name blank or type in Childress,Tx 79201 in the city name blank

4. This should pull up a picture of Rock Field, "click" on SEE MORE INFO, read the passage and click the
support this field tab.

5.*** bonus for all you Ramsey fans.. you get a $1.00 coupon for frosted flakes cereal... help the financial
snowball!!! :)

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