Monday, March 02, 2009

Hey, Hay!

My Sunday was absolutely wonderful! The only thing that could have made it better was if we had made it to Sunday school. We overslept a tad, but made it only about 5 minutes late to church. Such is my life these days.

Anyway, Rich and I then had Chinese for lunch, went home and napped for about half an hour, changed clothes and headed to Dodson to check out a horse his parents are looking at for his mom. The horse was a four year-old and looked a lot like my Professor. He has a great disposition, but has some things to learn. But as I told R's mom, I would rather have a gentle horse that needs some "learnin'" than a smart horse who's unpredictable!

After looking at the horse, (I should have taken some pics), we headed back to Wellington to unload some hay Richard brought back from Denton Saturday.

It was invigorating and relaxing to be outside in the crisp air with nothing but the cows, and nature, and family and hay...lots of hay! And I actually did help unload the square bales, but of course there are no pics because I was the photog!

I will end this post with pics I took of the unloading, the cows and of an awesome old truck bed we use for storing grain to keep it away from the rats, but that I think would be a great prop in some pictures. Tell me what you think of that idea.

The load before we unloaded...I was so impressed McHotterson could back that thing up!!!
McH on the hay, loosening all the straps.

Here's the old truck bed...isn't it cool?
Some moo cows. They were wanting some of that hay, poor babies!

Red 85 was in a contemplative mood.

McH and his dad, rolling that hay!

Love this pic! Studying the best way to do this thing!

That's one down...

Almost there...


This is my very favorite picture of all! The red of the trailer and the blue of the sky blend really well, I think!


  1. I love the pictures. I love nature too, you should have called we could have helped. I love cows, can stare at them for hours. See ya at the gym maybe??? LOL

  2. Those are great pictures!! I really love how beautiful the sky is, and the angles you got. Nice work!

  3. Yes, Great job on the pics! And I do have to say he is livin' up to his name in them- especially in that cowboy hat!

  4. Charla. I love the pictures. Those are great! Richard is such a hard worker (you are too)...glad you had a great sunday.

  5. I love the pics! You are such the photog!!:) Looks very relaxing!

    I meant to comment on the last post, but was in a hurry when I read it! YES! I was sore too! We were laughing WITH you not AT you! And we were also laughing at ourselves!! That is one thing that I love so much about aerobics! I get a super workout, and I get to LAUGH ALOT!!! Hope to see you there!

  6. Charla, that truck bed is screaming for a picture with your nephews. I think you should dress them up in denim overalls with white t-shirts, and let them climb all over that back bumper. Precious! Even better if they have cowboy boots and hats!

  7. Awesome pics! I love reading your posts!

  8. hello! just thought i'd pop in and say hello and that i've been snooping reading your blog. i came across it linked through someone else's. i really enjoy it and enjoy your frequent updates (more than most!). tell your family hello for me and do keep in touch!


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