Tuesday, April 07, 2009

It's Not About All That

February 25th started the Lenten season. I gave up Diet Sodas because that was a true sacrifice for me. But it's not about all that.

The candy aisles are stocked with many delectable treats; and just as on all the other main stream holidays, we will buy a few bags because who can pass up malted eggs at Easter? But it's not about all that.

The babes are all excited about hunting Easter eggs and what they will find when they pop open the plastic shells. But it's not about all that.

Every major department store will have major sales on sweet, smocked dresses and precious, navy pants so we, especially the kids, can look just perfect for Easter Sunday church. But it's not about all that.

We will, once again, practice the annual family traditions, especially the grub! But it's not about all that.

Here's what it's all about...


  1. THANK YOU! What a powerful testimony you make with this! I have to go redo my face now before I go to school, but they are tears of joy, my friend!

  2. what a great post, we can all reflect on that.We watched that movie as a church group and it brought one of our members to be baptized. God uses everything as His tool doesn't HE.

  3. I got the Passion for us to watch when we come this weekend. I can't wait!
    Love ya,

  4. Haha I knew I like you too!! It's a great movie!!

  5. Sounds like we are kind of on the same page today. There's too much going on around me at work, but I'll listen to this song tonight when I get home. I've never heard it before.

  6. hey there...I gave up my SONIC water with lime....I know that doesn't sound like a sacrafice...but it SOOOOOO is....thanks for the post....steph...and by the way....happy birthday....glad you are doing it before me .... I will have to see how it goes for you....steph

  7. WOW - The Passion of Christ, I haven't seen it yet. Do you know how you can get it, Charla?? Thanks for the video post. Claudia Marion My word verification is "whowe"!!! lol


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