Monday, June 01, 2009

Blogging Hiatus as I Walk

Hello friends!

Just wanted you to know I'll be on a brief hiatus, but I WILL be back. I am working a Walk to Emmaus and am busy getting things prepared for that. I will leave tomorrow and won't be back until Sunday. So, come back then for updates on how it went and such.

Also, if you are so inclined, would you please lift up Women's Walk #36, the pilgrims and team members and ask that God would open the hearts and minds of these women who are coming seeking more of a relationship with Him. Also, I would ask for prayers for the team that our hearts would truly understand the servant's nature of what we are doing for these pilgrims and that we would humbly seek God's guidance.

Thank you and DECOLORES!!!

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  1. Hey Charla,
    I will definitly be praying for your walk this weekend!!! HOW FUN!

  2. Have fun Charla and enjoy some time of your own with the Lord. We'll be thinking about and praying for you, the rest of the team and the pilgrims. De Colores!

  3. hey - we need to make connections before you leave - i've got some things to send with you! Will you please call me at the school before you leave???

  4. De Colores & Las Mananitas & Happy 4th Day!!!

    All love, and prayers are with you and team #36 :)

  5. Hey girl, I am so excited for this weekend, it's gonna be good. Also, when you get back I have sent yo an award, it's on the passionate blogger post. Love ya girl, see ya there.


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