Sunday, August 09, 2009


The doctor went well yesterday.  Everything still looks good, but we might have some BIG decisions to make come tomorrow.  My appointment is at 3:00 tomorrow afternoon and they will do another ultrasound to see what the follicles look like and to start thinking about when we will have the IUI done.  

I was asked a question that took me off guard at yesterday's appointment.  Dr. Dorsette asked if we had ever considered IVF (in vitro fertilization).  To those not familiar with infertility, this is where several eggs are harvested at once and then fertilized in a petri dish.  They are then cultured for 5 days and the two healthiest are deposited back into the uterus by the doctor.  

Anyway, I told her we considered it our last option before adoption (mainly because it is so expensive and time-consuming).  Basically, right now I have 6 good-looking follicles and if they all continue to grow and become potential eggs that I could then ovulate and could then be fertilized, she will not do the IUI (intrauterine insemination...aka, artificial insemination) that we have been working towards the last couple of weeks.  She would be afraid of higher-order multiples and she won't take that risk.  I appreciate this, however, it is a scary thought to think about either trashing this whole cycle we worked so hard for (and paid for, too), or jumping to the next BIG step of IVF.  

I will update again after tomorrow's appointment.  She did say my levels had jumped from in the 100's to the 700's.  Unfortunately I was so worked up, I didn't ask what exactly those levels were.  Sigh. But apparently it's a good thing, so she brought my levels of meds down another 1/2 vial, so I'm down from 2 vials a night to just 1.  

Can I ask you to please pray for us?  We want to hear God's direction in this, and we need discernment and peace about our decision.  

Thank you, friends!  

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  1. Wow Charla! What a journey you're one. Joining you in prayer. Be encouraged: James 1:5.

    Love you!

  2. Of course I'll pray for you and you will be in my thoughts tomorrow.

  3. Wie will say a special prayer for you tonight, Charla. Thank you for being so candid in sharing this journey with us.

  4. I'll be praying that God will lead you to make the BEST decision for your family without worry or fear!

  5. Hi Charla, I am praying for you. Love ya girl.

  6. praying woman. all i will say, is be verrrrry careful in how you proceed with IUI. i have many friends who have been in the same boat. but know that in whatever happens, God will NEVER give you more than you can handle. love you.

  7. PRAYING, praying. for peace and God's clear direction.

  8. There are many decisions that God has laid in your path. You don't necessarily have to think that any of them are better. They are there for you to choose. One may seem right for you today, but God has lead you here where you have options.


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