Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Happy Birthday, Pops!

Today is my dad's birthday, so in honor of both today and yesterday's successful surgery, here's a post in honor of the man who had my heart for 23 years, and will always be one of the top TWO men in my life!
62 Reasons I ♡ My Pops

1.) He always makes me feel special.
2.) I love that he has a nickname for everyone.
3.) He makes a mean steak, my very favorite!
4.) He helps lead church at the nursing home.
5.) He is dedicated to his church.
6.) He is a faithful husband.
7.) He has always been an active father.
8.) I loved to lay with him on the trampoline at night and watch for satellites.
9.) He taught me how to drive by letting me sit in his lap on the way to Bracketville.
10.) I never doubted he always had my back!
11.) On a canoe trip when I was very little, he literally gave me the shirt off his back because we were stuck in a rain storm and I was freezing cold!
12.) I'm his little R2 unit.
13.) He plays "the song" on his guitar when I ask him to.
14.) He loves to hear me sing.
15.) I love to sing with him.
16.) He works harder than most people I know.
17.) He took us on the best vacations growing up (Yellowstone, Boston, Washington D.C., etc..)
18.) He tells cute stories about us when we were little.
19.) He loves his mother (my grandmother) and still grieves for her after 10+ years.
20.) He LOVES babies!
21.) He's always planning ways to save money.
22.) He's very respectful of his elders.
23.) He is one of 9 children and very close to all of his siblings and is a very loving big brother.
24.) He would ship out to Afghanistan RIGHT NOW, given the chance to defend our country.
25.) He has a GREAT sense of humor that my brother and I both inherited.
26.) He works hard, but he can also really relax and have a good time.
27.) He always does the right thing.
28.) He is honest.
29.) Since I was little, he has always cooked breakfast on Sunday mornings.
30.) He has served as an example for being active in the church.
31.) He sings some MEAN harmony!
32.) He loves my mother and has for 32+ years!
33.) He is one of the most HUMBLE people I've ever met.
34.) He can fly a helicopter.
35.) He is a Vietnam vet, and although very proud of his service, would not tell you of the medals he was awarded or the people he saved in his duty to his country.
36.) He is a FIGHTIN' TEXAS AGGIE and one of the reasons I chose to attend A&M.
37.) D= Diploma
38.) He has inherited the gift of storytelling from his uncles, and does it with style!
39.) I've always thought of him as one of the smartest people I know.
40.) He supports me.
41.) He is unselfish with is blessings.
42.) When he prays, he uses the King James language (thou, thee)...I love that!
43.) He is very sentimental (between him and my mom I had no chance)!
44.) He named me!
45.) Thinking of him chokes me up a little because I love him so much!
46.) He cherishes his Uncle Raynbow status.
47.) Children are drawn to him.
48.) He prays for us.
49.) He chokes up when we say goodbye.
50.) Time after time, he tells my brother and me how proud he is of us.
51.) He loves my husband and welcomed him into our family with open arms since day one!
52.) He loves sushi.
53.) Once when I was living in Vermont for the summer, I brought him home 4 live lobster in a box for his birthday...he was in heaven and acted like it was the best thing he'd ever received!
54.) He taught me what a work ethic is all about; we worked without being paid (GASP)!
55.) He has taken up kayaking which is so cool.
56.) He never made me feel like I couldn't do something because I was a girl.
57.) He let me play ball in the backyard.
58.) He taught me how to shoot doves and was proud when I was better than the boys!
59.) He is a staunch Republican and conservative.
60.) He has true common sense.
61.) He appreciates correct grammar and ingrained that in me at a very young age.
62.) He's MY dad and that's the BEST reason to love him!

Happy Birthday, Daddy! I wish I was there to give you a great big hug and kiss! I love more than I could ever tell you!

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  1. Happy Birthday Charla's Dad...I LOVE YOU bc you made her!....She is the best!....She talks about you so lovingly which is the greatest gift of all....

  2. What a precious makes me want to hug your dad and say Happy Birthday! Thank you Lord for wonderful fathers; truly a gift from Him!

  3. HI Charla, I have missed you. I love the things you wrote about your Dad, he sounds wonderful, I would love to meet him. My Dad's birthday was Monday, he turned 72. I should have done this post for him. Maybe I should do it for his 1/2 birthday. What do you think?

  4. I love reading your blog. You are such a sincere, humble Christian. What a loving tribute to your dad. Those of us with amazing dads are so very blessed by our Father. I know in my heart that some day soon you will be that same loving parent to your babies. Keep the faith.

  5. One of the greatest gifts a girl can have is a good daddy. It's the blue print God gives us to surround ourselves with good men and most importantly a good husband. I've been quietly praying and routing for your dad's treatment and recovery. It's times like these that family strength becomes such a savior. Your dad has always had such a sweet presence to him but I love him most of all because he's made you the way you are. I love you Chuck!

  6. Ok, well, I thought I was going to be able to get to the comment section without letting the tears fall, but especially now, after reading Kyley's post too, well - how could I help it?!

    I am so happy that I, Salad, know Taco. He is all of the things you said and I know how much he loves you and you love him!

    We are lucky girls to have these fathers of ours. They are fine examples to those young men who follow.

    Thank you for being a wonderful man Taco.
    Love all of you.

  7. OK, I just read this and I am literally sitting here with tears streaming down my face...#1 because I know your Dad and he is as wonderful as everything you wrote and...#2 it is making me think of MY Dad and how so alike they are! We are surely blessed to have such terrific men to call Dad.
    AC sparkplug (your Dad's nickname for me!)


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