Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I CaN't BeLiEvE I'm PoStInG ThIs

But I know if I don't, I might revert and decide to not follow through with the huge decision I made yesterday.

It all started as I was perusing some blogs on infertility. I was looking for some of those fun blingy things to put in my sidebars (and I found some, btw...check 'em out...aren't they fun and blingy?).

I "happened" upon a blog about a woman who had once struggled with infertility and our stories and reasons behind our struggles were the same. We both dealt with hormone problems, but never could pinpoint the exact issues. As I read, I learned some really interesting things, more of which I'll talk about later.

But one thing that really stuck out to me was her paragraph about caffeine. I've always heard it's a good idea to limit, if not eliminate your caffeine intake both before and during pregnancy. I did this for a while, but honestly when things didn't work out, I got so frustrated and decided I deserved AT LEAST to be able to enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning if I wasn't going to be able to have a baby (can anyone relate????)!

My caffeine intake usually consists of 1-2 cups of coffee in the morning on most days, plus some iced tea in the afternoon. Coffee every day, tea maybe 3 days a week.

After reading this article/blog, I have decided I need to take the leap of faith again,



give it up!

I decided this yesterday and today was my first day with NO COFFEE!

Yep, cold turkey!

And I have to admit, I'm dragging this afternoon, but I know it will be worth it.

p.s. Has anyone heard of Estrogen Dominance? If so, would you leave me a comment. I'm curious. Thanks!

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  1. This post made me think: "A girl's gotta do what a girls' gotta do!" Good luck with giving up caffeine. I have done this for lent for a few years now. The first couple of weeks are the hardest. I love to drink lemon or lime water instead and have found I like it better with ice. Of course I am a Phillips and I like to crunch my ice, so maybe that's why. :) I'll be praying for you!

  2. Good luck! It's a big sacrifice, but I hope that you get a great result!

  3. That cold turkey is hilarious!! I'm still prayin for ya! I love you girl!

    Come over ANY day after school...except today because Thursdays are terrible after school! The house might be crazzzzzy, but your welcome any time!!;)

  4. You can do it, I know. It won't be that hard because of your motivation is higher and bigger than anything this world has to offer, yes. What a cool story of God's provision. We know that wasn't an accident that you found her story, so ... woohoo! You go girl. :)

    BTW, I love you too and I miss you. I would say "call me" but I know your super busy so I'll just say, I hope to see ya soon.

  5. woman, i did the same thing--gave up caffeine when trying to get preggo. it definitely can't hurt.

    and as far as estrogen goes---i know that many of my multiple mom friends were put on progesterone injections after they got pregnant. its one of those--some docs do it, some don't.

    love you!

  6. eat an apple every morning - it really does help! i had heard that apples can "replace" caffeine but i had a hard time believing it, but it's as close to true as it can be! you can do it!

    i think receiving progesterone daily once you know you've conceived makes all the difference in the world for women with hormone imbalances. many prayers for you.


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