Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Four Day Week

After a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend, today is the second day of a four day week for me!  YAY!  I'm taking off Friday so I can head to Oklahoma City with my sister-in-law and a friend, B.  We are going to see Beth Moore in the Deeper Still series.  I'm soooooo ready!  We are staying at the Renaissance Hotel Oklahoma City Convention Center.  It is a nice place and I'm ready to be there and just spend some time with sweet girlfriends, worshiping the Lord without refrain.  And of course I am really looking forward to eating some GOOD food (we ARE in the city, people), and maybe even doing a little Christmas shopping if we have time.

Our Internet has been up and down at the house and although it is frustrating because I'm trying to get some things done for Christmas (cards, gifts, projects, etc...), it is kind of nice, too.

Last night while McHotterson was hunting, instead of spending my time in front of the t.v. on my computer, I was in the recliner with a pillow, blanket, the fireplace roaring, the lights on the mantle and Christmas tree twinkling and a book in my hand.

It was so relaxing and nice and I started thinking about what people did for entertainment before we had television or computers we could take into the living room with us and set on our laps. 

I bet we were much more educated and well-read, and that our houses were much cleaner and more organized.  I bet we were more closely connected with our spouses and children, and that we never let the months slip away between contacts with our loved ones. 

I bet it was a less stressful.

I bet I would have liked it.

But what would I do about Glee?  Maybe it wouldn't be so great after all. 

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  1. Totally understand the conflict re: tv. My friend just wrote about this on an american studies blog:http://andeverydaylife.wordpress.com/2009/12/02/i-dont-watch-tv-or-do-i/


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