Monday, February 22, 2010

A New Calling

First, I have to give a big THANK YOU to all the people who either delurked or just came for their first visit and chose to Follow my blog!  I'm up to 92 followers, which means I'm only 8 shy of my 100 goal.  I still have a few weeks until my Blogiversary celebration, so HELP A SISTA OUT and FOLLOW ME if you haven't already!  Yee-haw!

Back to the title of this post.

I think I've found my new purpose in life.  Well, at least something I could be really, really good at.

I have never been able to have pretty nails.  It's just not in the genes.  And I'm not one to have fake nails, mainly because they are such a hassle.  I like the way they look, and I've taken the plunge a few times because I thought I could somehow manage it, but it always ends in the painful ripping and bruising of my nail beds when I finally can't take anymore.

Just in the last few years have I really started trying to paint my nails on a regular basis.  I find if they're painted, they grow.  And in the last year, I've really been drawn to the darker shades of purples, greys, and even black (GASP...I know, it's only for witches and the hormonal adolescent teen rebels, but I just like 'em).

Growing up, I was allowed two choices...nude or nude pink.  Granted, I didn't really have an interest in nail polish much, as much of a tomboy as I was.  But beyond that, a young lady just never wore bright red nail polish in public, unless her first name actually was LADY, and her middle name was OFTHE, and her last name just happened to be NIGHT.  

As I've started buying more shades, one thing jumps right out at me:  color names.

Have you ever wondered who gets the job of naming nail polish colors?  Wouldn't that be the coolest occupation?  What would you call yourself?  A color consultant?  A polish expert?  The Revlon naming guru?

Some of the names are so fun.  If I were 'that girl', I would buy them just for their names, even though there wouldn't be a snowball's chance in Hades I would use them.  They would just sit on my shelf and be fun...if I were 'that girl.'  Some of the names I've seen lately that I've liked are:

-Light My Sapphire (ooh-la-la)
-My Private Jet (saw that one on Keeping up With the Kardashians...think I'm gonna try it)

-Curry Up Don't Be Late (this one just made me laugh, AND made me crave some Thai)
-Off With Her Red (from OPI's Alice In Wonderland collection)
-Hey!  Get In Lime!
-Cherries In The Snow
-No Shrinking Violet
-Suzi and the Lifeguard (????)
-Paint My Moji-toes Red
-Keys to My Karma
-You Rock-apulco Red

I just bought a new bottle yesterday.  It is Bewitching Bordeaux by Revlon.  Love the name, and I
L-O-V-E the color even more.  I've been looking for a really deep purple/plum color but hadn't been able to find just the right shade.

Now, it's your turn!  What are your ALL-TIME favorite colors/shades?

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  1. My fave is called "Naughty" and it's from ORLY. It almost looks black on your nails, but it's a deep deep brownish purple. Love it! Fun post, I want to paint my nails now.

  2. It is SO funny that you just posted this. I never have pretty nails, either, and I've just dealt. But I take full advantage of my pregnancy-induced long nails. I've been just painting them clear, and I've been looking for a good color. I actually read an article last night about this season's colors, and they're super bright - not my style. I like dark, dark colors just like you, and I LOVE the two you've shown.
    Now I'm just bummed because I just walked in the door from running errands, and now Hannah's sleeping. I'll have to wait until tonight to get out and get some Bewitching Bordeaux =)

  3. LOVE this post! (i've had to give up my weekly pedicure since we had the kids---i know, a bit, i've been buying my favorite colors too!) i TOTALLY have that revlon color! LOVE IT! great for aggie games!

    also like OPI: " be 25 again" (deep, dark red you would probably like!)

    i can't think of anymore right now---but those OPI names just crack me up!

  4. I don't paint my finger nails, but I love painting my toes. Although, I must be boring because the only colors I have are red and pink. :)

  5. "Naughty" from OPI is my favorite nail color. It's a deep dark beautiful purple. I think I'm gonna go do my nails now! :) LOL

  6. You got more followers than me young lady :) Keep it up.

  7. Me... I have a BAD habit of chewing mine... yes I know, PLUCK!
    So, I tried painting them to see if it would help me to NOT do it, but no luck, I guess I'm just gonna have to JUST DO IT!
    Love your blog it soooo cute!! And I'm now a new follower! :)
    Please come and visit me over at mine!

  8. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE OPI!!! I do buy them for their names, but I also use them. :) My current faves in the OPI brand are We'll Always Have Paris~a really deep plum color, and Lincoln Park After Dark. I'm actually borderline obsessed. So. Just had to share. :) And YES, you do have pretty nails once they're painted!!! Yay for pretty nails.

    Have a happy Tuesday!

  9. Hi! Hopped over from Ranchin Moma's this post! My all time favorite is Tequila Sunrise...I go in spurts of chewing off my fingernails and growing them out...nervous habit and I hate when I do it!
    Love your blog and will be back to visit. Come over and visit me anytime! Take care.
    Blessings to you!

  10. I got My Private Jet on my last pedi!! LOVE the dark colors. I normally just paint my nails clear and go crazy on the toes... black, deep wine, hot pink...

  11. Fun post! And congrats on being soooo close to the big 100 followers!! So...I had no idea that bright red nail polish indicated you were a lady of the night!! I guess people have been thinking I'm a hooker for a long time because that's all I wear!! :)

  12. There's a really fun one from OPI called My Chihuahua Bites! It's a bright pink, perfect for summer toes! :D

    I also like the dark colors, Charla - they're sophisitacted now, especially the deep purples!

  13. I've been really into dark blues and purples for the past couple of years. And I've always been a fan of reds, but that's just a favorite color of mine in general. On that note, OPI has a great shade of red called "I'm Not Really a Waitress."

  14. I came across your blog and had to join in. My fav is OPI, I'm Really Not a Waitress. Great red especially for the holidays.

  15. Are you trying to tell me that I have worn the same color on my toes as a Kardashian? I AM SO COOL!!!! And it makes me even cooler that I wore it and didn't even KNOW that they did! My all time favorite toe color is My Private Jet! Its black, but silver, but black...perfect!! You totally just made my day!:) Also love I'm really Not a Waitress. I usually use that closer to Christmas!

    This was a SUPER fun post! LOVE IT!

  16. P.S. Did you get my facebook message? I'm soooo needing your advice!

  17. I'm with some of the others - you inspired me to paint my nails!! :) (even though I'm probably going to go get a mani this weekend!!) So on my way home from work today I stopped by the Evil Empire (a.k.a Wal-Mart, thank you Aaron P!) and headed straight for the nail polish! I did pick up on a few cute names while browsing for a deep plum. (thanks for the inspiration...I finally chose Plum Luck! and it looks great!) Some of my favorites were - Haute Chocolate, Into the Fuchsia, and I Pink I Can! Thanks for bringing a smile! (and can I borrow the blog topic!?!) Thanks Cowgirl!

    --Mrs. M


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