Wednesday, April 28, 2010

"How Do You Two Not Have a Show On Bravo?"

If you STILL haven't at least checked out GLEE this season, you are a FOOL!  Okay, so that might be a little harsh, but you are definitely missing out on the show of the year, of the decade if you ask me. 

Here are just a few quotes from this week's episode, #16, "Home."  


-Sue Sylvester (see title of this post)

-Sue Sylvester, coach of WMHS Cheerios (cheerleading squad): "I've got to put in a call to the Ohio Secretary of State notifying them I will no longer be carrying photo id---you know why?  People should know who I am." 

-April Rhodes, WMHS graduate and former GLEE member (played by Kristen Chenoweth): "You're looking for a subletter, I'm looking for a place to catch, I'm full-time fancy now, Will.  I'm gonna wanna check the place out...I'm gonna wanna check the fun shong, or the fing fong or whatever they call it.  Tell ya what...I'm gonna go get myself bikini wax, and I'm gonna see you tomorrow."  

-Brittany, Cheerio member: "I'm pretty sure my cat's been reading my journal."  

-Sue Sylvester: "Mercedes, your vocal chords have had more fantastic runs than a Kenyan track team." 

I could obviously go on and on, but for those less enthused about Glee (obviously only those who have never seen an episode), I will spare you.  

You can tune in and hear them all for yourself, Tuesdays on Fox!  

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  1. I loved last night's episode. My husband who says he would never go see a musical watches it with me.... With Parenthood and Glee, Tues night is a great night for TV.

  2. My DVR is scheduled for NCIS, Glee, and Parenthood all on Tuesday nite. Makes for a great "hump day" or any other evening after that!!!!


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