Friday, May 07, 2010

Show Us Your Life: Your Kids' (or Future Kids') Names

I LOVED this edition of Show Us Your Life, over at Kelly's Korner.  What little girl doesn't dream about what names she will use when she has her kids?  I know I have.  Those names have also changed a lot over the years, but here are the two we have settled on (more than likely) depending on gender and/or number.



Truett is the name of an uncle of my father-in-law's who died as a young child.  There isn't really any sentimental reason we chose it, except that when we both heard the name in a family story, we agreed we liked it.  I like that it is different, slightly Cowboy-rugged sounding, and that we can call him Tru as a nickname, which I think is super cute!  

Zeldon is a LONG-TIME family name on McHotterson's side.  McH is Richard Zeldon Jenkins, his father is Roland Zeldon Jenkins, Jr., his grandfather is Roland Zeldon Jenkins, Sr.  So, our son will be the fourth generation of Zeldon's in the family.  It is a strange name, I must say, but how can I break that kind of tradition, and it will definitely always be unique, which I love!  



 I have to say that our first name changes quite often as we hear something new that we like, but I have been stuck on REESE for about 2 years now.  I just love it; I think it is girly and classic, and has a sophisticated sound to it, as well.  

Kathleen is another family name.  My middle name is Kathleen, my mother's middle name is Kathleen, and her grandmother's middle name was Kathleen.  At one time, I considered not using it, but I just couldn't imagine not using it if we have a girl some day.  
And, not that I am a believer in hunches, or mysticism, or anything of that nature, but I have to tell you I have always felt like we were going to have a daughter.  I don't know why, and the odds are the same we will have a boy as we will have a girl.  I've just really had a strong urging in that direction whether it be we have one naturally or end up adopting.  Oh, and I don't have a preference, either.  After four years of infertility, I will take whatever God chooses to bless us with.  I honestly have no preference whatsoever!

You should play along!  This SUYL was really fun!  

P.S.  Other names that are high on my list for girls are:  Caroline and Avery (I just like Caroline and Avery is a family name that has actually been used for the men in my dad's family for a few generations).  I've also considered Catherine Marie (both middle names of our kids' only aunts). 

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  1. I LOVE Truett & Reese!! I've never heard of Truett, but I think it fits ya'll well! Reese is just beautiful!!

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  3. Love them! I STILL love coming up with names, even though I don't plan on having any more kids! By the way, would you consider adopting Aubree? Even for a day? ;-) Just when I think my little angel can't get into any more trouble...she does! She couldn't be more different than her brother if she tried.

  4. I love it when people have some unique names picked out. I have a unique name and to this day it makes life a little more interesting. You would be surprised how many comments I get...makes me feel a little more special! {we have a dog name /kid name list going, but we don't share because we're afraid it'll jinx us or someone will take it! it has happened several times to friends of ours...}

  5. Boy or girl ... I'm thinking Chuck Norris would be the coolest name in the world!


  6. love these names, char! can't wait to find out which one you will have :)

  7. What perfect names for the Jenkins family! They fit you guys so well. Love them! Thinking of you and your sweet angels this Mother's Day and sending extra prayers your way.

  8. Great names! I have a friend from back home that named their little boy Truett about a year ago and it is one of my favorites!

  9. Cute names! You won my Spring Giveaway! Yay! All I need you to do now is email me with your address and I will get it in the mail. My email address is

  10. I have a high school friend who just named her baby Truett. They call him True for short... My son's middle name is Trew so I like that name. Not that I'll ever have a girl (ha! with three boys - no way!) but I always liked the name Sarah Blue, after my sister and my brother! I love unique names!

  11. AND my middle name is Kathleen...all the more reason ;)...bonus of summer = catching up on blogs! Miss you Char!


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