Sunday, August 22, 2010

GRAB THE KLEENEX! This one's a doosy!

This video was posted on Facebook last week sometime, and then my principal played it at our faculty meeting as a way to remind us of being thankful we have the privilege to teach openly and be paid for our teaching.

So, I have planned to show it to my students tomorrow on the first day of school, as a reminder of how blessed they are to live in a nation where others sacrifice so much to ensure we have freedoms such as choice, religion, and the right to a free education!

So many others do not have this right, and risk their lives to even go to school.  How blessed are we, that these men and women give up so much for our nation and its people?

God bless our troops and especially the families they leave behind each and every time they deploy and may we always be mindful what they are fighting our PRIVILEGE to a free education in the United States.

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  1. whooooo girl that is a more than one tissue movie and a great inspiration. Thanks to all that serve and to their families at home.

  2. Three years ago, I had a student whose dad was serving in Iraq. She had not seen her dad in almost three years! She was an 8 year old without a father. Saddest thing I had ever dealt with.

    One day Mrs. Terry comes to my door and tells me we have a visitor. It was DAD! The little girl stood there in shock and could hardly move. Dad had to go to her and pick her up and they just hugged forever (it seemed). It was at that very moment that my whole thought on students and their families changed. I always felt like I did my best to get to know my students but at that moment I realized I had no clue what some of my students live through. I was changed forever!

    I thank God every day that I got to witness their homecoming and loved having this wonderful, selfless soldier spend the rest of the day in my classroom. He brought about a whole new attitude among my students and me. That day we realized we are the privileged ones!

    Thanks for the video and the reminder!

  3. Ohmigosh forget the kleenex I needed my whole tshirt! Thanks goodness I hadn't put any mascara on yet! I reposted it on my blog btw

  4. oh wow, wasn't expecting that! sobbing! thanks for sharing though.

  5. Oh, just bawled through the whole thing! Good thing no one comes to my office very often :)Thank you for sharing. GOD BLESS those that serve our country and their families!


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