Friday, September 17, 2010

Tonight's Festivities Include...

...a little trip Southwest to see these guys in Lubbock!  

I'm so looking forward to a night with good friends and my sweet hubby.  We need a little getaway, time to rest my mind and just relax.  I've been spending all morning listening to some songs so I can sing along as much as possible tonight!   

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  1. How fun!!!! My hubby loves them.

  2. my brother was there too. apparently he dragged his wife to see dave matthew's band, so it was her turn to drag him to zac glad you had some fun though!

  3. Lucky!! Have a great time!! :)

    Stop over at my blog and say hi!!

  4. I know you haven't mentioned a lot on your blog and I don't blame you. In due time on that one. But that doesn't mean you can't tell us more about Peru. I'd love to hear about it! Hint hint...

  5. I love the zac brown band! :D


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