Sunday, February 27, 2011

Showered with Blessings and Love!

You were probably expecting a 30-week update.  Don't worry, it's coming.  I just thought I would wait until after our doctor's appointment tomorrow so I would have updated information for you!  

Instead, I thought I would post about our first two baby showers for the twins.  We have been so overwhelmed with kindness, gifts, love and support.  We are so very grateful!  

So, I was supposed to have my first baby shower February 5th in Austin, but the week before I was put on strict work and travel restriction by my doctor, so we had to make a tough decision and postpone it until after the babies are here.  I'm okay with that, truly, because then people who might not otherwise will get to meet them!  

So, our first baby shower we actually got to go to was a couple's shower, hosted by four sweet couple friends of ours: the Steeds, the Pipers, the Chisums, and the Blackburns.  We had such a great time!  Because it was February 12th and it was a couple's shower, it was Valentine themed.  So cute and creative!  Despite the fact that many couldn't be there because C-town had/has been invaded with the flu, stomach bug, mono and strep, we still had a good turn out and had a great time visiting.

Oh, and I can't believe I somehow didn't get a picture of the gift table.  The hostesses asked that the gifts not be wrapped, and included a cute tag with the invites so each of the guests could write something on it and attach it to their gifts.  This way, no one had to sit around and watch McH and me open presents; we spent our time visiting and eating instead!  They also had thank you notes on the table, and each guest who brought a gift addressed an envelope so all I had to do later was write the note and put it in the mail!  How awesome of an idea is that?!  

Here are some pics...

Cute banner Alana made.

Glass jars filled with Valentine candy...

Even the mantle was decorated.

The spread of food...yummy!  It included a to-die-for artichoke dip in a bread bowl, chocolate covered strawberries, and everything in between.  Heaven!

Some of the ladies (and Chad), having an animated conversation!

Sweet friends!  Isn't Paige's house beautiful?  

McH (far right), chatting with the boys., yeah, I'm the big, pregnant, swollen-faced one...I know you were wondering...with all of the hostesses, minus Alana who had sick kids and had to leave early. 

The second shower was given by church and school people.  It was in our church parlor and again, we were blessed beyond any expectation!  It was last Sunday afternoon.

Visiting after we first got there.

Me, with 7 of the 15 hostesses and the table set pretty.  

McHotterson's mom (Nonni) and my mom (Sita)

Amazingly precious cookies made by C-town's Cookie Queen!  Aren't they cute?  

Opening gifts, I was so touched by all of the handmade items.  This is one of two quilts made by the Pleasing Stitches group from our church.  I had to hold it up in front of my face because I started getting weepy. 

Richard's sweet cousin, Jessica came to the shower all the way from Midland!  She brought her mom, Rich's aunt Frankie, and her sweet daughter, Rylee.  I was so happy they made it!  

Again, couldn't hold it together.  These New Testament Bibles were gifts from my sweet friend (and our high school librarian), Faith Self.  When I saw their names engraved on them, I couldn't hold it together!  See mom's face...amused at the tears!  Ha!  

This is sweet Ayana Brown.  Her parents are in our Sunday school class and she brought me gifts to open as I sat in my chair.  She was so sweet and such a great helper!  

I know this is blurry, but I had to include it.  Miss Jennifer walked in to my shower even though she was already 3 cm dilated and 75% effaced with her 3rd baby (a girl after two boys)!  When she walked in, I said, "What are you DOING here?"  She's a trooper and I was honored she came!  

This is our jogger stroller, the hostess gift from this shower!  I was blown away!  What a blessing!  I can't wait to use it with Reese and Truett. 

The gift table...and this wasn't even everything!  You should see our dining room, office and nursery!  HA! 

These were the hostess gifts I put together.  I got 15 different patterned and colored kitchen towels from Crate and Barrel.  I had some personalized thank you notes made at, with Reese and Truett's names on them, and I wrote, "Thank You!  Love, The Jenkins family" on the card, punched a hole in it and tied one around each towel with natural and green raffia.  I put them in a big basket and let each of the hostesses choose whichever they wanted before they left the shower.  It was easy and pretty inexpensive considering there were 15 hostesses. 

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  1. Don't you love the showers. The gifts are just an added bonus. It's a wonderful feeling to know that the babies are in the minds and hearts of generous and kind people.

    The best part is to come...washing everything and preparing their room with the new things. : )

  2. Your blog is really cute. Hope you had a fun shower! This was inspiring. Thanks for sharing. Come check out my blog some time.

  3. oh what fun. love baby showers! you took home some loot, girl. i WILL get your gift in the mail this week! random, but i clicked on your link to your friend paige's blog and i know her sweet sister melissa! we worked at camp together!

  4. AH! Love this time of pregnancy. I actually miss being pregnant (although I didn't always feel that way when I was pregnant!)! Continued prayers for you and your babies!


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