Thursday, May 26, 2011

One Month Come and Gone

I've decided the best way I can pass the time while I'm breastfeeding (which seriously seems like all I do all day long at this point), is to check Facebook, do my online shopping and update my blog, finally!
Don't get me wrong, breastfeeding is certainly a special time and I love the bond it is forming between Reese and Truett and me.  However, anyone who tells you that breastfeeding in the wee hours of the morning is ALWAYS special and fun, is LYING!  :)

I honestly don't know where to even go with this post as it seems SO MUCH has happened in the last 2 weeks since my last one, and really in the last month because I haven't said much about the babies' birth day or the weeks thereafter.  So, to make it a little more organized and manageable for me, I'm going to make a few mini-posts within this one, big long one.  Bear with me and my scattered brain!


Sunday, April 17, 2011

We drove up to Lubbock the day before (Sunday) and stayed in our favorite hotel, the same one Mom and I stayed in the week before our retrieval and then transfer.  Mom and Dad were with us and they stayed Sunday night, as well as McH's parents. We had to be at the hospital for all my pre-op by 5:30, so we tried our best to get to bed at a decent hour, but there was really no sleeping for me.  Everyone else would meet us at the hospital around 7:00 for the scheduled c-section at 7:30.  

Funny side note.  The instructions for the night before surgery included taking a shower and washing with antibacterial soap.  I realized I hadn't packed any, so we headed to get some and ended up at a United Supermarket.  Dad ran in and was back out in a matter of a few minutes.  As he gets closer to the car, I see he has a rather large bottle of soap in his hands.  I finally realize what he's carrying and I immediately DIE laughing...

By this time, I was so tired and ready to get back to the hotel, I figured it wouldn't hurt anything and guess what I took a bath with that night!  Classy.

As I said earlier, I didn't sleep much Sunday night.  On the drive up, McH and I talked about how our lives were about to change so incredibly in just a few hours.  It was the most surreal moment in all my life: very scary and very exciting.


We got up SUPER early Monday morning and got ready to head to the hospital.  Here are pictures of me that morning just before we left the hotel.  I admit, most of me was very, very ready to have these babies.  At this point I was extremely uncomfortable and every thing was painful. 

 What happened to my rear?  I think it was sucked forward with the belly! 

 Exhausted but on CLOUD 9!  I was so ready to go meet these babies!

I was excited, exhausted, overwhelmed, and just so thankful to know I was about to be a mommy and was about to meet these little aliens who had invaded my body for the last 8 1/2 months! 

I just thought I knew love before this.

You should feel VERY, VERY special.  I really contemplated whether I would post these pictures of me but I just figured this blog is about being real, so here goes.  **deep breath**

McH in his operating room scrubs.  Notice the boots!  Love my cowboy daddy man!

Trying to be calm as I wait for them to wheel me to the OR.

Somewhere in that face is me!  HA!  This is sitting outside the OR area entrance.  I couldn't stop shaking both because I was cold and I was a little nervous and excited...just a little.  So, McH was distracting me taking pictures.  Lovely.

To be continued...
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  1. I'm still laughing about the soap. I could totally see your dad doing that. And I remember having that near-panic attack just before leaving the room for er. And to think I already had a child. And the shaking was crazy. I was trying to figure out how I was going to sit still long enough for the spinal. You've done great momma :)

  2. I know how you feel (sort of, I was never trying to feed 2 at once) but I do know how it feels to feel like all you do all day is breastfeed. Becca was a "boob hanger" if she wasn't on my boob she was crying for it. And since I don't care for listening to crying, she was pretty much always on my boob. It is definitely a big fat lie to say getting up all night to feed a baby is always special and fun. It's not, it sucks LOL but I always felt like it was the right thing for our family. It doesn't last forever and you do it as long as it feels like the right thing for you and the babies. :) Trust your instincts and your body. Listen to and take advice from friends/family/books but remember in the end it's your family and you need to do what's best for y'all regardless of the opinion of others. Every baby and every family is different, you'll find what works for you :) There's no way to be a perfect parent and a million ways to be a good one.

    Oh my goodness the Palmolive is cracking me up too. That's a man for you, however, in his defense do they MAKE antibacterial body wash? Interesting.

  3. Yeah!! The posts we've all been looking forward to. You will absolutely treasure these posts in the future. It's so special to go back and read all of the different little stories within the story (the Palmolive bath for sure!) that you forget so quickly.

  4. Love the soap!!
    So glad to hear from ya, I can't imagine how busy you must be, but good to know you and those sweet sweet babies are doing well.

  5. NOO! Not to be continued! LoL! :) I never enjoyed night feedings either.


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