Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Happy 4 Months (a little late)!

Reese and Truett turned FOUR MONTHS OLD on August 18th.  We happened to be in Uvalde at my parents and then in Austin with some sweet friends. 

At 4 months, Reese and Truett are BUSY!  They both are babbling and cooing all the time, especially Miss Reese.  She squeals when she is happy, which is absolutely hilarious.

Truett has really started smiling and laughing out loud and I love it!  He has a HUGE open-mouthed grin and loves for me to tickle him and kiss him under his chin. 

Reese ROLLED OVER for the first time on her 4 month birthday.  It happened 2 minutes after her Daddy walked into the room after having been away for a week.  She had been teetering on her side for a few days and I knew rolling over would happen soon.  I just thought it was so sweet she waited for her Daddy to see it! 

Truett is starting to do the teetering thing, so I know it won't be long before he's rolling over, too! 

Reese's throwing up is pretty much non-existent these days.  Every once in a while, she will surprise you, but it isn't nearly as much as it has been in the past.  This has been a wonderful change for everyone in the family! 

I am convinced Tru has some major allergies.  The poor baby has watery eyes, congestion and is just cranky like an allergy baby.  His nose is constatnly red and lately his poor little cheeks have been bright red and chapped.  I can't figure out if it is because he's drooling more when he sleeps so his cheeks get wet, or if something is making his cheeks red.  I feel terrible for him.  
At four months, they are both eating anywhere between 5 and 6 ounces of formula.  Both have been great eaters in the past, but lately they've become kind of finicky.  I think they are both starting to teeth, especially Truett.  He drools, is cranky, constantly chews on his hand, and his appetite has just dropped!  Teething is NO FUN!  Reese either isn't starting yet, or just takes it a little better than he does.  She also drools and has shown a drop in appetite. 

I love how interactive and playful the babies have become.  They absolutely know you are there, which means they are very aware of when you walk away. 

Richard and I said to each other on the way home from Dallas last night we thought both babies were happier and smiling more lately.  Not that they were unhappy before, they just seem to constantly smile and we don't have to work so hard to get it out of them. 

I bought the Praise Baby DVD set for the babies and they LOVE IT!  I love that they can focus on something like that for a while.  On our roadtrip this past week, I used our cell phones to play movies through Netflix to keep them distracted for a while.  It was amazing!!!  Ha! 

I have started sleep training and trying to get on more of a predictable schedule and it's going pretty well, I have to say. 

Those of you who have multiples understand the difficulty in getting more than one baby going in the same direction at the same time.  I'm working on it. 

While we were in Uvalde, we went to church.  

Reese started on her tummy.  This is how I found her in the morning, waiting for me to get her.

 Reese is a thumb sucker...always the left hand!

 Truett is a thumb sucker, too.  Most of the time he goes with the right hand, but as you can see, he's not necessarily picky. 

 Just like his sister, I found Tru in the Pack and Play on his back, with his thumb and blanket in his mouth. 

Precious, handsome boy!  I want to eat him up!

We have their four month check-up and shots (BOO) on Thursday, the 25th, so will be excited to update you on their weights and such!  
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  1. What precious, sweet babies! They are absolutely beautiful, Charla! I totally understand needing a predictable, in sync schedule! Thankfully, Ben was easy to get napping at the same time as his sisters! I think it helped that the girls already had a consistent nap routine! Don't give up! The sleeping schedule does get easier!

  2. I am really enjoying your blog and seeing how beautiful your babies are. God is an awesome God, isn't he!


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