Monday, June 18, 2012

Our Babies are 14 months old!

Didn't we just celebrate their year birthday?  Sigh.

I really thought I'd be so much better at documenting the babies' lives.  I have two beautiful baby books that are complete through about 6 months.  Another BIG sigh.  I can't tell you how much that stresses me out.  But it stresses me more when I start to think about getting them out and trying to play catch up.

SO, I promised myself I would document what is going on with the babies at 14 months.

This is such a fun age, and they are doing so many new and exciting things every day!

Reese and Truett's Stats (to the best of my guessing knowledge...and thanks to my bestie, Janet, for the "template.")

Height:  not sure exactly, but they are both above average on height, but not by a ton.
Weight:  Reese:  About 22 pounds  Truett:  About 24 pounds
Head:  Reese is normal, Truett is large.  Ha!
Size Clothes:  12-18 months, and 18 months.
Size Diaper:  4
Hair:  They're totally opposites in this department.  Reese: light brown with curls in the back.  We have no idea where this came from, but we love them!  Truett: blonde and straight as a board!  He's about to have his first haircut this Wednesday. 

What are you doing now Reese and Truett?

  • Says Momma, Dada, Ball, Dog, Bye, Hi, Diaper (Di), Gig 'em (love it), Ba (bottle), Ni-Ni (goodnight), Nana (banana), Duh (Done), Sh (Shoe), Uh-oh, and No. We think we heard Truett say Kade (his cousin's name), but who knows.  I'm sure there are more words but I can't think of them right now.  
  • We've been doing some sign language with the babies, and so far they've picked up: More, All Done, Eat and they're starting to do Drink every once in a while.  I love that they can communicate with us in this way. 
  • Truett still LOVES his baby, and surprisingly, Reese has now attached herself to a baby, too.  In some ways having a lovey is a pain, BUT, I love that they both have something they can use to help calm themselves down.  Neither of them were ever paci babies, so I guess this is their "pacifier." 
  • Truett and Reese LOVE to dance.  They are very into music, but most especially Truett.  He's been dancing since he could walk, really and has a signature move that I can't really describe except to say it's the combination of a surfer and an ALLELUIA, PRAISE GOD, with his hand raised in the air.  It's hilarious!  Reese also has a signature move.  She dances in a circle and lifts her leg really high in the air as she does it.  They're such characters these days.  Also, Truett has learned to play the harmonica.  We have a plastic one he "borrowed" from his cousin, Kade, and his Daddy taught him how to play it.  He loves it and I have to say, for 14 months, he's pretty darn good at it!  
  • They've been walking since they were about 10 1/2 months old and now they're practically running.  They're into everything and are constantly testing the boundaries. 
  • They definitely know what "no" means.  Sometimes they listen really well, other times Momma has to have some "reteaching."  Haha.  
  • They're learning body parts and so far we know tongue and nose.  Occasionally they will show you their belly or eye.  They definitely know their feet and what shoes are.  
  • Truett has started screaming...loudly...all the, ear piercing.  I hate it.
  • They are both GREAT EATERS!!  They love ravioli, ham, turkey, cheese, strawberries, kiwi, mandarin oranges, fish sticks, sweet potato fries, black beans, scrambled eggs, french toast, pancakes, Momma's from-scratch spaghetti, cheerios, and Annie's organic bunny crackers.  Truett LOVES green beans and potatoes and Reese LOVES protein/meat.  I'm so thankful they are good eaters and willing to try pretty much anything!
  • They drink whole milk and water. Occasionally I add a tad of apple juice to their water, but most of the time it's just water.  Milk is only first thing in the morning and at night.  Speaking of, I have to admit we are still using bottles.  DON'T JUDGE!!  Ha!  They will NOT drink milk out of sippy cups.  I even tried putting chocolate syrup in the milk, to no avail.  Its just not a battle I want to fight right now, so I'm not!  Eventually we will move to sippys 100% of the time, but for now sippys are for water during the day.
  • The babies  have been traveling since they were 3 weeks old.  We have driven all over the state, but we've never flown with them.  Well, here in the near future, we are headed for their first plane trip and it's a doozie.  We are flying to Hawaii, or Huh-Wai-Yuh, as some folks say around here.  Hee hee.  To say I'm nervous and anxious would be a HUGE understatement.  I'm praying my "bag of tricks" will keep them entertained.  My parents are flying with us all the way there, and all the way home, so hopefully 4 adults can manage to wrangle 2 babies.  Hey, at least the odds are with us. 
  • Both babies are teething the "big" teeth right now and it's making everyone somewhat miserable.  Truett has been waking up a few times at night, but is pretty good about going back to sleep.  Reese sleeps like a champ at night!  Yay!
  • We switched from two to one nap right around 13 months and I have to say, it's so great!  Truett usually sleeps anywhere from 2-3 hours, and Reese about 1 1/2-2 hours.  
  • They both love their new car seats.  We ended up going with the Britax Marathon 70 and I'm very pleased with the choice we made.  They seem much more comfortable now that they can see out. 
  • Overall Truett is a happy boy, although he can be the crankier of the two.  I'm hoping this is a phase and it will pass soon!  He definitely does NOT like to have a dirty diaper or to be hungry!  Haha!  He loves the outdoors, and he LOVES books.  Many times I find him in the toy corner in the living room, going through his favorite book.  He loves to bring me a book and have me read to him, although it usually only lasts about 30 seconds these days.  :)  He's VERY GOOD at giving "kissies" and when you ask for them, he puckers up those sweet little lips and kisses you and says, "Mmm-bah", like he's making the "kiss" sound.  Precious boy. 
  • Overall Reese is a very sweet, happy girl.  She is a tomboy, which I love, and I call her my little collector.  When we go outside, in no less than 30 seconds her hands are full of anything from a stick, to a dirt clod, to a piece of old roofing tile she's found somewhere.  Its' amazing.  She loves to explore and pick up every rock (which usually ends up in her mouth).  She loves putting things in and taking them out and has really enjoyed the stackers/nesters I bought them recently.  She's good at blowing kisses, and mimics the sound we make as she does it.  She is cautious at first, but most of the time will do anything and everything her brother does after she's thought about it a while.  


  1. Wake up anywhere between 6:30 and 7:30 a.m.  If we're lucky they wake up, take a bottle, and go back to sleep until 8.  
  2. We have a bottle and watch some Praise Baby in the living room while Momma is making coffee and eating some cereal.
  3. 9:00-9:30 we eat breakfast.  Usually some french toast sticks, scrambled eggs and some sort of fruit, usually strawberries.  Sometimes I add some turkey bacon, too. 
  4. We play the rest of the morning, which includes taking walks, reading, watching Praise Baby or Baby Signing Time, independent play, etc...
  5. 11:30-11:45 we have LUNCH!  This is usually ravioli, ham, or some sort of meat with a veggie and/or fruit and grain like whole wheat crackers or Special K chips. 
  6. After we clean up from lunch, we might play for maybe 15 minutes (just enough time to change the inevitable poopy diaper that happens right after lunch), before we go down for our nap around 12:00-12:30.  They sleep for 1.5-3 hours, depending on the child and the day.  :)  I don't let them sleep past 3, though.
  7. After nap is more play time.  These days find us outside, on the back porch, playing in the water.  This includes a blow up pool, the water table and/or the sprinkler.  The babies LOVE the water!  I'm so glad!  We play and snack until Daddy gets home about 5:30.
  8. 5:30-6:00 is dinner.  They usually have something similar to lunch, or what we are having if I have it ready!  HA! 
  9. About 6:30 we start bedtime routine with bath time, always given by Daddy.  They love baths!  Lotion, pjs, brush hair and teeth, and by 7:00 we're having our evening milk and relaxing in the recliner and big chair with Momma or Daddy.  They're in bed with their lovies by 7:30. 
  10. This is one of the main reasons I love having moved to one nap!  Momma and Daddy time in the evening is so important.  This is usually when we eat dinner together, sit on the back porch and visit, straighten up/clean up the kitchen and living room, and have some time to visit and veg out, or watch our favorite shows together.  

I say this at almost every stage, but I have to say, this is my favorite age so far!

Reese and Truett, Momma loves you so much, sometimes I can hardly contain it!  I love to squeeze you and kiss you and cuddle with you.  Someday I know I will miss these times, so I try every day to soak it in as much as possible.

I have to remind myself on a daily basis to be patient and loving to them as much as humanly possible.  It's not always easy, but always worth the conscious choice to do so.

I love these babies so much and am so thankful for the blessing they've been to our family!

Happy 14-month birthday, Sister Girl, and Tru Boy!

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