Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Truett and Reese's First Haircut

Today we took Reese to have her hair cut for the first time.  I'm not even sure you could call it a "cut", more like a very slight trim.  I was so worried she would end up looking like a hillbilly baby with a mullet, because her hair seems to grow really quickly in the back and curls, and then grows slowly and board straight in the front.  But, I was so tired of the scraggly pieces falling in her face, so it was time. 

Here are some pictures of the event today.  I have to say, she did exceptionally well!  She didn't even start to whimper or cry or even act the least bit frightened by any of it, which honestly doesn't surprise me in the least.  That's my girl...she just jumps right in, head first. 

Here we are before we started. 

Miss Kacy gave her a comb to play with, so she thought she'd help out a little.

Being super still like a big girl.  She was awesome!

And she's all finished!  Here she is watching brother take a turn.
(l) Playing while brother gets his haircut.  (r) Where's Reesie?  And she points to herself as she says "Eesh," her name for herself. 

Here's brother after his haircut.  Handsome dude. 

The title says Truett and Reese's First Haircut, but in reality, Tru had his first one about 4 months ago, right before we went to Hawaii in June.  I Facebooked about it, but never got to blog, so I'll combine the two today!  I can't believe it's already been that long!!!  Anyway, he was in desperate need of another one, so we took him along today, too.  
Before.  He's not so sure about what's going on. 

And this is just because Kacy put the cape on.  Uh-oh. 

Okay, maybe it's not so bad.  (look how much younger he looks...such a baby face...4 months makes a big difference at this age!).

Cute mohawk!!  Daddy wouldn't let us leave it like this.  Ha! 

Almost finished.  Being such a brave boy.

A face to DIE for!  He melts his Momma's heart every day!

I love this one.  Sweet Miss Kacy, and Tru is still not sure about what just happened.  Ha!

As a mom, I think some of the best times are the firsts!!  It's so fun to document and watch them experience new things and know that some day they'll want to know about all of it! 

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