Friday, June 28, 2013

Momma Lied

R&T had their 2-year well check today (um, only 2 1/2 months after-the-fact...I'd call that a small victory). First of all, they are developing perfectly, growing well, learning lots and just overall thriving. The fact that we are blessed with superbly healthy children is not lost on me; I'm so very thankful.

So, this morning I started talking to the twins about going to see the doctor. They are ALL ABOUT IT for one main reason: suckers. Dr. R gives them a sucker when they come to see her and they think she's the cat's meow. So, there's no fear in heading for a checkup, especially though, when they ask, "Dr. Ridens hurt?" And Momma reassures them that no, indeed, there will be no "hurt" because she's just going to check in their ears, and listen to their hearts, and look at their tummies.

But Momma lied.

Not on purpose, mind you, but it didn't make me feel any less guilty when I was told they would indeed be getting a shot.

Wait. Did I say A shot? Oh, I meant to say FOUR! Yep. That's four EACH!

Apparently at 12 months they had a round of six shots due, but the nurse liked to split them into sets of three. We were supposed to come back at 15 months. They left that scheduling up to me, and for some reason (ahem), my mind was on other things at that moment in time, and I didn't get them in for the second half.

Y'all, I totally believe shots at 2 years are WAY WORSE than shots at 2 months.

I'm so glad my mom was with me today. She took Avery and one of the twins in the hall as a distraction, while I stayed and held the other one down for shots. Poor kids. I did warn them right before it happened, but they screamed and cried like life was ending in a brutal way. And this Momma cried, too.

But, it's over now and they were given an extra sucker for being so brave and two big band aids they could show off to Daddy, as they told him all about their "hurts," when we got home.

I'll wrap up with their stats:

Height: 35 in (62%)
Weight: 27.6 lbs (53%)
Head Circumference: 49 cm (81%)

Height: 35 in (48%)
Weight: 27.5 (35%)
Head Circumference: 51 cm (92%).

Avery Grace, child, I'm praying Momma has more brains at your year-old shots than I did with your brother and sister.

But I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you.

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