Tuesday, July 23, 2013

R&T Are 27 Months

This is a random age update, I know but I haven't done one in a while.

This is a challenging stage, to say the least, but I also find myself laughing hysterically most days, as well.

Here are a few things I don't want to forget about each of them:


-you are in a size 5 diaper and pull-up.  We have tried some potty training with big boy underwear, but you just aren't quite ready, and that's okay.  

-you have started waking in the night and wanting to get in bed with us. On one hand it's super sweet, and on the other...

-you have the sweetest little voice, and I often find you talking to yourself as you're playing.  

-you say "okay" for yes, and sometimes emphasize or drag it out..."Ohhhkayyyy."  

-you have started yelling when you sing.  For example, "Jesus loves ME, this I KNOW.  FOR THE BIBLE tells me SO!"  :)

-Your favorite shows are The Fresh Beat Band, Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, and Curious George.  You also love the Cedarmont Kids Bible Songs DVD.  One funny thing you've started doing is saying, "Ugga Mugga," like Daniel Tiger does when he says he loves someone.  So cute!  And you will say it randomly, which is even more precious.  

-you still love your baby (blue lovey puppy), and want it if you are hurt or upset or tired and for every nap or bedtime.

-you are a great napper and sleep most days 2 to 2 1/2 hours in the afternoon.

-you LOVE your baby sister, Avery and are always wanting to kiss on her or bring her her paci.

-you LOVE to help Momma, and you are Mr. Independent these days.  I hear, "I do, Momma, I do," many times a day.  You get very upset if someone does something for you that you think you can do on your own.  

-You've gotten several boo boos lately...scraped knees, a busted lip and nose just a day later.  

-You love your Daddy and are very attached to him these days.  You don't like it when he leaves for work in the morning and you want to be just like him.  

-You can take your clothes off and, for the most part, can put them back on, too, with a bit of help sometimes.  

-you are learning to count to 10 and I catch you counting random things all the time!

-You still love bathtime and you love reading books.  Your favorite right now is Old McDonald. 

-You hair is still blonde and will probably stay that way forever!

-your favorite color is green, it seems (although pink is a close second, I think)

-you love putting bows in your hair if big sister has one, but you also love to wear your Aggie hat and a blue camo fishing hat.   

-you love to be outside and swim or swing, or go to the park.  

-you love going to church and love Ms. Viva.  You ask to go to Ms. Viva's house (the nursery), when we get dressed up for anything, even if we're not going to church.  Ha!  

-you are a sweet, sensitive and smart boy that makes my heart so proud.  


-you are also in a size 5 diaper and pull-up and occasionally panties. You were doing really well and I thought for sure you were close to being totally potty trained.  But after a couple of poop accidents, you have now decided that pooping, in your diaper or the potty, isn't fun so we're having an awful time getting you to go at all.  You willfully hold it in until its not a good situation.  I figure you won't go to Kindergarten that way...

-you sleep pretty well at night, but occasionally end up in the bed with us.

-you are a good napper, but have started really fighting going down if you slept in in the morning.  You will take a two-hour nap if you didn't sleep too late.  Speaking of, you are sometimes like a teenager, wanting to sleep until 10 or 10:30 in the morning if we let you!  

-you sleep with your baby, as well, but aren't as attached to it as brother is to his.  It is a pink bunny.  You still suck your left thumb when you're tired and falling asleep.  

-You are a SMART COOKIE, little girl.  You can count to 10, you know your ABC's for the most part, you can recognize a few shapes and can draw circles.  You make connections that baffle your daddy and me on a daily basis.  

-You love to carry around purses, and prance around with your hand on your hip.  

-Your favorite shows are Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, Caillou (ugh, not Momma's favorite), and Bible Songs, which you constantly ask for, every day!  Sometimes it gets old, but I love that you know all the words to the songs.  You also love the Baby Signing Time video, still.  

-You are a very strong-willed child.  I'll just leave it at that.  :)

-You are constantly singing a song of some sort.  Your favorites are "Jesus Loves Me," "Itsy Bitsy Spider," "Old McDonald," "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star," "ABC's," and now the songs you learned at VBS a couple of weeks ago.  My favorite thing about your singing is you will put random words into the song.  The other day, I heard you singing the tune of "Jesus Loves Me," but you were saying, "golf ball," for all the words.  HA!  

-Your favorite color is purple.  

-You love "yipstick (lipstick)," and are constantly asking for some.  We usually give you some chapstick that you carry around constantly.  You surely have the softest lips of any two-year-old in the state.  :)  

-You also love your baby sister.  You like to help me change her diaper, and if she's upset, I'll find you sitting next to her saying, "It's okay Abery, Reesie's here."  So precious.  

-You have beautiful hair that still has curls in it, which we love.  It is still brown and we just got your bangs trimmed. 

-You are a beautiful, smart, and sweet girl, and we love our Reesie girl so very much.  

-You love to help Momma vacuum and put laundry in the washer and dryer.  You are a big helper.  

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