Sunday, April 23, 2006

Little-Known Facts

I got this idea from Corrie, who got it from Nicki, who got it from Lauren. TAG!

1. When I eat a Twix, I always eat the caramel side first and then the cookie side.
2. I am obsessed with The Sound of Music. So much so that the processional at my wedding was Maria's Processional (from the wedding in the movie).
3. My matchmaking success rate is 100%. I set up my brother with one of my co-worker/friends and they are getting married July 22nd.
4. I love to sing...anytime, anywhere. I am singing in my brother's wedding this summer.
5. I too believe that Schnauzers are the best animals a person can have (ditto, Corrie).
6. I am a stichler for correct grammar (and it drives my husband crazy).
7. Until the day I was born, I was going to be named Christian Kathleen, but when my dad saw my blue eyes I was named after my grandmother, Charlotte.
8. When I was little, I wanted to be a cowgirl when I grew up.
9. I met my husband at the Texas Hall of Fame (a dance club in College Station)!
10. I have a Masters degree from Texas A&M.
11. I have never liked potatoes (except tater tots and some french fries).
12. I LOVE coffee...with a passion...especially after dinner out at a restaurant or at wedding receptions.
13. I HATE math...math HATES me!
14. I truly believe God gave me the best husband in the world (here we are in Colorado about to go horseback riding).

15. My grandmother always said we were descendants of John Witherspoon, an original signer of the Constitution.
16. I collect magnets from places I have traveled.
17. I started getting spider veins in my legs when I was 17 and they have progressively gotten worse...genetics.
18. I weighed about 15 pounds more in high school.
19. Continuing the previous, I lost weight when I went to college and all of my friends gained!
20. I have what is called "stress-induced asthma." I am WAY too anxious about life in general!
21. To add to the previous, I also grind and clench my teeth at night.
22. And one more continuation...I have two (soon to be three) dental implants, at least one of which is from clenching and grinding at night. The other two I lost in a car accident in 3rd grade.
23. My favorite authors are Adriana Trigiani and Francine Rivers.
24. My favorite poet is Emily Dickinson.
25. I would rather teach challenging, low-socioeconomic children than easy, middle-class or affluent students ANY DAY!
26. My dream retirement is on a working cattle ranch, riding horses and living away from everything!
27. I DESPISE the phone...unless someone calls me, but I really don't like calling people...sorry peeps!
28. I LOVE email and the internet!
29. I DESPISE the mall...unless I know exactly what I'm looking for.
30. I love shopping online...what a geek!
31. I've always been more athletic than a girly girl.
32. I can throw a football or baseball better than most girls I know.
33. My favorite shoes are my black Reef flip-flops and they are falling apart...four years and counting!
34. I love the culture of Mexico...the people, the language, the food, the colors...I feel very at home there!
35. I have this "thing" about walking in our house (or any house) in my bare feet...I don't like it.
36. I love going to church...I always have...I was a weird kid!
37. Putt-putt is a way of life in our family. Everywhere we go, we are sure to find some place for mini golf!
38. Is it scary that I get great satisfaction from crossing things off of a list...ANY list, 2 or 3 or 4 lists at a time?
39. Although #31 might reflect otherwise, I truly love shoes and accessories, i.e. purses, and jewelry.
40. When I was young, I had this horrible nightmare all the time that my parents were bitten by rattlesnakes and died.
41. I took gymnastics for over 10 years and now have little to show for it...lots of good memories, though.
42. I have never broken a bone...except maybe my toe, but I wasn't sure.
43. In 7th grade I went to Mexico City with my grandfather and climbed the Temple of the Sun all the way to the top!
44. I love my job, but am looking forward to something new (ditto, Amy).
45. I love shredded wheat...esp Vanilla Creme and Strawberry Delight (try them with peanut butter...yum)!
46. I think I have adult ADD (no H, just DD)...I saw this on another person's blog and I have said this many a time about myself.
47. My biggest pet peeves are hypocrisy and sneakiness.
48. I LOVE dry Napoleon Dynamite and Saturday Night Live.
49. I will go into a store, spend 45 minutes looking at one thing and carry it around with me, put it back in it's place and then leave without buying a thing...and I rarely regret it!
50. As you probably figured out in the former entry, I am NOT a spender...I am a tight wad!
51. I never wear pantyhose...I just can't do it!
52. I do NOT enjoy politics...if the subject comes up, I get unusually quiet and try to think of a way to change the subject.
53. I cry when I know elderly person's have had their feelings hurt.
54. I cry when babies are dedicated/baptized at church.
55. I cry when I am mad or frustrated.
56. I cry to relieve stress.
57. My mother cries at cotton commercials.
58. I want another schnauzer for Maggie Louise to play with and I want to name her Macey or Marley.
59. I love bluegrass, especially Ricky Skaggs and Allison Krauss & Union Station.
60. Continuing the above entry, I would love to learn to play the mandolin or fiddle.
61. Rich and I eat sushi or Vietnamese Pho on average 3 times a month.


  1. We are ALL ABOUT #50! Maggs needs a sister since she never sees her best friend Gracie. :)

  2. Holy cow, that was a ton! I don't think there's that much to know about me...

    1. I love my job, but I'm excited to try something new.
    2. I love my CROCS and I can't wait to get a pair of the new FLIP FLOPS they came out with!
    3. I don't like Monday mornings and I'd rather be blogging/reading blogs than listening to announcements...


  3. How fun, Charla! This is a great way to keep in touch - you may have finally convinced me to start my own blog. But again that was a "may" not a definitely!

    Can you give me a brief synopsis of why you guys are moving to Childress? Just wondering.. (and I actually know where it is!)

  4. Audrey...

    WELLL, Richard got a job transfer with TXDOT. However, it has been his dream to move back home. His parents live in Childress and his grandparents live in Wellington (30 miles North). We want to ranch eventually and his family has land.

    I can't believe it, either!

  5. okay it does look weird...i will help you later, but we might need to rely on the google guy! ;)


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