Saturday, April 29, 2006

Maggie Louise Jenkins

Here is our baby girl, Maggie Louise Jenkins. She LOVES her new baby, and drags it everywhere with her. Her monkey baby is torn in pieces and lost his squeak a while back. We love our Mags and can't wait to find her another schnauzer to play with.

Below is Mags with her bestest, most favoritest friend in the whole world, Grace Ellen Searight (center). Grandma Gabby keeps them in line when the young girls are makin' trouble (always). Gracie and Maggie are kindred spirits, much like their mommies.


  1. Grace Ellen misses her friend Maggie! There was never a dull moment with those two! Gabby just has to keep the youngsters in line, right? She takes her job seriously!
    Love this post! Love and schnauzer kisses to Maggie!!

  2. Those look like three trouble makers to me!!
    Miss you guys!! Tell Richard hello!


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