Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Alone again...naturally

I have always enjoyed my "alone" time. Time for "me" that is dedicated to doing whatever I need to do so I am not so stressed out, or to enjoy my "things." Richard has been gone since Friday, working on getting our new house move-in ready. Of course I was sad about him leaving, but I was also excited for two reasons. First, he was leaving to work on our new house and do some remodeling. That's exciting because it NEEDs to be done, but also because I don't have to be there doing it and will get to see ALL the changes my own personal "While You Were Out." Second, I was truly looking forward to some time to do my own thing. When you get married, in a lot of ways you lose that privacy, that personal space you were so used to having and relished. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE spending time with Richard, but the day to day grind gets so monotonous sometimes, it's nice to have a change of pace. Also, because I want to spend my time with him after work, I rarely spend much time during the week doing ANYTHING even remotely domestic. Then, the house is in such dire need of a cleaning by the end of the week, we spend the bulk of the weekend cleaning and washing clothes. I was looking forward to cleaning things during the week, leaving little messes where I wanted to and running my life my way, not needing to compromise. I was actually looking forward to spending some quality time with me! But when Richard called me to tell me he thought it was best if he stayed in Childress all week to get more work done, and that I would fly up to meet him there on Friday, I was truly disappointed, almost to the point that I hurt. I realized right then and there just how much I depend on Richard...not necessarily to DO things for me or around the house, but more emotionally than anything. I know the Lord picked Richard for me long before I ever did, and I count this as one of the greatest works He has ever done in my life...that He knew I would need a man who could let me have my space and yet be my rock, all at the same time is truly miraculous. I am counting the hours until Friday, 7:10 p.m, when my plane will take off headed for Lubbock, headed for my amazing husband waiting to pick me up so we can go home.

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