Thursday, May 25, 2006

They came, they saw, they conquered...oh, and they packed!

Boxes in the kitchen...and Maggie

The "living" room

Well, the packers were at the house today and it is somewhat of a humorous sight. I took pictures so you could get the true idea of what it looks like. I didn't think I would be sad about leaving the house, in the least, as much as I complained about it while we were in it. However, last night, with all the boxes packed up and the house echoing every time we took a step or spoke a word to one another, I found myself melancholy about the whole thing. I don't think it is the house so much, as it is leaving our precious friends and church, and for me especially, leaving my job. I cried yesterday when I had to tell my 1st period students goodbye for the last time. They insisted on hugs (which I was glad to give), and the tears just welled up...Pavlovish. Anyway, I am excited about moving into the new house, but Richard and I have made so many memories in that trailer house, good or bad. I will surely miss the jokes about my house on wheels!

All of the things we are either packing ourselves or selling in a garage sale...we put them all into the middle bedroom.

The, we aren't sleeping on the boxes.


  1. Moving is hard, but good. I know exactly how you are feeling about all of the change around you. You don't want to leave, and yet, you're excited to go. Your friends who are true friends, will still be your friends wherever you move. Promise! :) Lots of love to you! Don't forget to take Maggie with you to Childress! :)

  2. WHOA! I think I have some stuff to add to that garage sale room...


  3. I was showing Curtis your blog, and he had a near panic attack when he saw you guys were moving. I had told him, but I guess he forgot. :-) We will miss the two of you so much! I hope that all is going well, please let us know if you need anything!


  4. I like your yodie (that means dog)!

  5. I hope I have figured out this comment thing. If I have, email me so I know that I did it right!!! I really enjoyed the weekend and helping you pack the remnants. Love you- Mom


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