Thursday, May 18, 2006

Pictures of the House

Here are some pictures of the backyard and porch. It is dirty because the picture was taken before we cleaned up the porch after the tornado. We have beautiful, big trees in the front and back yards.

The wood floor was a huge undertaking. We all had a hand in laying it, and now that it is down, we LOVE it! The picture is a little fuzzy and the floor is very dirty, but when it is finally cleaned it will look GREAT!

Richard grouted the tile, but we are going to get a stained sealant because the grout didn't turn out the way we would have liked. The tile looks awesome, though. Rich layed it the week he spent in Childress.

"Moses supposes his roses are roses, but Moses supposes erroneously" Donald O'Connor in SINGING IN THE RAIN with Debbie Reynolds and Gene Kelly. Aren't they beautiful? I have 3 bushes in the back and one in the front. These are the only blooms that made it through the tornado.

Here are pictures of the front from the street. We have a blooming peach tree on one side of the house and 3 big trees in the front yard. The tree you can't see, to the right of the house, was partially knocked down by the tornado.


  1. CONGRATS!! Looks awesome!

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  2. hope that makes since..I wanted to make it short so I didn't write a novel

  3. Yea for the pictures! I love your wood floors - did you put them through the whole house or just the common areas? We have wood floors in our house, and they make it so much easier to clean!

  4. Audrey,

    We put wood in the living room only. Throughout the rest of the house we are laying tile, and we are carpeting the 3 bedrooms. I really wanted hardwood in the bedrooms, as well, but two constrainst there...mainly a time issue since we are doing it ourselves, but also because the budget wouldn't bend for it right now. Maybe someday...We love the wood, as well. I can't wait to get up there and get my hands on the decorating. Right now I am going through boxes of wedding gifts we have NEVER's like opening them all over again...yay!


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