Wednesday, June 28, 2006


So...tomorrow is a last day of many sorts.

  1. First, it is my last day of summer school, and that I am celebrating. Not that summer school was all that bad, but I am so not here mentally and ready to be done with kids who walk slowly on purpose, and call me "man" and "dawg" (neither of which, last time I checked, I even closely resemble) everytime I ask them to do something in which they might have to even slightly exert themselves, mentally or physically, to accomplish.
  2. It is also my last day as a Jane Long Middle School Lobo and this I am terribly sad about. I have already had my "sad time" for Jane Long, so I am not so much tearish, as I am just anxious about not having that camraderie that comes with being in the same place with the same people for three and a half years. This evening was our summer showcase for the summer school students (a way to get the parents to come and see what the kids have been doing the past month at school). As we (the teachers, administrators, and a few of the students) sat chatting or working to get the evening prepared, I laughed so hard and revelled in inside jokes and thinking about the years passed. I was laughing, but also very melancholy...a weird place to be all at the same time. I will miss my friends and confidantes at Jane Long and I will miss being recognized by the kids (even outside of school like yesterday when I saw a former student at World Market with his family). I will miss my Lobo family immensely.
  3. It is also my last day as an official resident of College Station. I moved here in 1997 to start at A&M...that means I have been here nine and a half years! That is half the time I lived in Uvalde! I have been trying to think of the things I need to do now before I make my final departure tomorrow afternoon. Gosh will I miss the days of running to Target, picking up a quick bite to eat at Pei Wei, Cici's, or Freebirds, or having a variety of places (depending on which side of town I am on) to get a pedicure or my next massage. I will miss not having things right at my fingertips, such as Hobby Lobby, Copy Corner, Hastings, Barnes & Noble, Target (did I already mention that one...hmmm?), WORLD MARKET (my complete source of wine and other spirits), Starbucks and other conveniences I have become so accustomed to these past few years. Maybe I will be able to save more $$$...maybe. I will also miss what it means to live in College Station, especially as a former student of A&M. I will miss the spirit of living in a college town and of being so close to Aggie sports.

As I try to think about more "lasts" tomorrow and the preceding days have brought, I am also reminded of the "firsts" I am about to encounter and these excite me!

  1. I am excited about starting a new job and bringing new ideas to Childress High School and the English and Technology departments.
  2. I am excited about getting a new sister puppy for Maggie to play with in her new backyard.
  3. I am excited about finding a new church to become involved with and everything that entails. I am excited about making new friends and meeting new people.
  4. I am excited about remodeling my first home with my husband and making it ours.
  5. And most of all I am excited about the road God has paved and has promised He will help me walk down so that I "will prosper in good things."

I am sad about one life coming to a close.

I am excited about a new life, just beginning.


  1. Excellent post, my friend. Poetic and thought-provoking I must say! I love your perspective...If we never experienced change, we'd never grow! I'm excited to see what is in the future for you & Rich...and Maggie Louise and her NEW SISTER! :)

  2. Leaving my Bryan High friends was difficult, but the road God has guided me down since then has been amazing - with twists and turns and bumps and stops and scenic views that I never imagined! I'm sure you'll get to experience some of the same.


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