Thursday, June 15, 2006

Spare drama, anyone?

I suppose, in a way, I was asking for this drama in my life. After all, I just posted about my life slowing down a bit, finally. Well, that all changed yesterday. Soaps fans, tune in, for you are sure to be entertained! I am staying with my cousin BJ and Sarah in College Station while I teach summer school. Things are going great in both places. I am really enjoying living with the Hendler's and waking up to the high-pitched, sweetest sound you've ever heard, puts-a-smile-on-my-face-every time voice of Madeline, their 2 1/2 year old saying "hi" as I saunter out of bed and into the kitchen to get ready for work. It is an irreplaceable blessing for me and truly makes me happy to start my day. Well, why didn't I suspect that not hearing that voice in the morning, might be the first sign of a not-so-good day. Sarah and BJ have two dogs, Trigger and Tallie, both Australian Shepherds and both very intelligent. They have a dog run to spend most of their time in, and it is quite spacious, however, BJ and Sarah like to let them run around in the main yard when people are home and can play with them. I don't mind doing this at all, after being indoors all day long with, hmmmm, how should I say...oh, "lovelies." It is refreshing to come, change clothes, get the dogs and play catch for an hour or so before the pool or dinner. So, yesterday was no different. I came home, changed, began my playtime with the doggies, and that was that. I decided to go inside for a minute to start my frozen meal in the microwave, visit the bathroom and I don't remember what else. I was gone for only a few minutes, but came back to find them gone, poof, vanished from the backyard.
So, I first get in the car thinking they couldn't have gotten too far in that short amount of time. I drove around, all the while panic starting to fill my chest. I called BJ and got some instructions...I could tell he was frustrated and I was only hoping it was with Tallie and Trigger and not me. I searched around, got in the car again and started driving. Somewhere down the road, between and hour and two into this escapade, I can feel the tears starting to build in my throat and my stomach is in knots. The sun is setting, the light is fading and my hope of finding the dogs is slowly dwindling. I try to call Richard so I can cry and can't get him. I call his mother, whom I should have been calling because yeseterday was her birthday. However, I asked for Richard immediately, clicked over when Sarah called in and then inadvertently hung up on my mother-in-law...on her BIRTHDAY! Yikes! I burst into tears while on the phone with Sarah, who was SO sweet and tried to reassure me that "this is what these dogs do" and "they will come back," and "please don't cry." HOnestly, I think I was most upset because I was so afraid Sarah and BJ would think it was my fault they had gotten out, even though I KNEW logically that wasn't the mind is sometimes the devil inside of me! Anyway, I searched until about 9:30, and somewhere in all of that, talked to Richard, talked to the county sheriff's office and talked to some neighbors. Whew...I stayed up all night, basically, worried sick. I think I got about two hours of sleep and then decided it wise to call my summer school principal and inform her I wouldn't be there today. I was afraid one kid would look at me funny and I would either burst into tears or hurt him physically, neither of which sounded appropriate. I have continued to search and call for Tallie and Trigger and at this point, they are not to be found. I will keep you updated, but I am headed out of town tomorrow so I am keeping my fingers crossed they will show up by then. I called my mom this morning, crying once again. This time it was more from lack of sleep than anything. Then, Sarah called and reassured me they knew I didn't do anything wrong. I felt like a child, worried about her parent getting angry with her. Needless to say, it was the phone call I needed and I finally feel the knots loosening in my stomach...I think I might be able to squeeze in a nap eventually.

Like sands through the hour glass, so are the days of my life...


  1. Oh, Charla! I know that panic feeling entirely too well! I'm keeping my neighbors dog, Bennett for a month, and Ryan is out of town so it's me and 3 dogs. These idiot dogs got out of the fenced yard 3 times over the course of 3 days!!!

    Let me know when the pups return from their adventure. I'll be thinking about you and them and your cousins.


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